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8 Expert Tips to Promote Your Business with Online Slideshows

When you want to teach something new to your target audience and have a general idea of what you want to say and how you’d like to present it, you don’t know much about the presentation design process. 

A slideshow is a modern and powerful way to promote any business as it can be shared easily on social media and other platforms.

If you are looking to promote your business, here are eight expert tips to increase exposure using slideshows:

1. Design a professional and beautiful slideshow

While planning to promote your business with online slideshows, you should always try to make your slideshow truly a piece of art.

Ensure you use high-quality images in the slideshow and not just text or any other type of content when designing your slideshow. You should also create every slide as an independent page by itself. Add unique, artistic, and beautiful images to every slide of the presentation and avoid using slides with only text.

Don’t forget about the audio part either – make the audio of your slideshows catchy and memorable for a better effect!

2. Add an image that presents your brand

You should always make sure that the first slide of your slideshow represents you and your brand.

For example, if you are a business owner and make clothes, use your company logo in the first slide. The logo is an integral part of every company because people remember it. The same thing applies to slideshows – you don’t want people to forget who made it!

Moreover, you can use images that relate directly to your business or service topic.

For example, if you own a photography studio, you can use a beautiful picture of your venue that represents the business.

3. Add an image that shows your products and services

When planning to use slideshows as a promotional tool for your business, ensure that every slide has an image associated with the topic it represents. For example, if you are a business owner and make clothes for men, every slide should have an idea of a man wearing one of your wardrobe pieces.

You don’t want your audience to lose focus because it will make it harder for them to understand your services or products. Use a slideshow maker and make sure that every single slide has an image that represents the topic of your business.

The same thing applies to images – if you are selling clothes, ensure that every slide has a picture of a man wearing one of the pieces in your wardrobe!

4. Make sure that your text is easy to read

When you are writing a text for your slideshows, make sure that you use only one colour for the text. Use white or light colours if possible, and keep the text visible.

Always stay professional and maintain a good font size on each slide. Try to keep the sentences shorter so everyone can understand their meaning easily!

Don’t forget to use a slideshow maker to add captions with every image in your slideshow as well – this will allow others to read its description without having them distracted by other elements in your presentation.

5. Put a call to action at the end of your slideshow

After every slide in your slideshow, add a call to action related to the specific topic that was being discussed, and promote each slide as if it was one big advertisement for your business. It will make people feel involved in your presentation and interested in what you offer!

This is an essential aspect of your slideshow as it will help you with the overall result!

For example, after every slide in a business slideshow, you can put an image that first reads ‘Click here to learn more about…’, ‘Click here for the latest offer…’, or ‘Click here for more information about…’. You should also make sure that this call to action follows elements in your text so people can take action instantly.

6. Optimise for the web when preparing your slideshow

When you plan to use online slideshows for marketing, you should ensure that everything is appropriately optimised for the web. This means that your text is easy to read, you use images with good resolution, and the font size is significant for everyone to see.

Most of all, you should use videos and sound in your slideshows rather than just plain text! Videos are more attractive because they add ‘life’ to any presentation, and people will be able to follow along better this way. If a person watches a video slide in the first place, they will most likely watch it all the way through.

The same thing applies to audio – rather than using plain text, you should use a sound file of your voice. This will make the presentation feel more natural and exciting.

If you want to prepare the slideshow for the web, link each image directly to a website or social media page. This will let people know what they can get if they click on every image in your presentation!

7. Use videos as much as you can on every slide

Video is a great tool to use when presenting your work to other people! While there is no way you should forget about using plain text in each slide of your presentation, try to use videos. If you are a business that offers fashion, rather than using only photos, create a video of each piece in your wardrobe! This will make the viewers feel like they are looking at real clothes on an actual model.

Creating an online slideshow using a slideshow maker is a great way to promote your work and increase the number of likes on social media! If people watch your video slide and share it with their friends or social media, it will remarkably improve your followers.

8. Make SEO friendly video slides

When you are using videos in a slideshow, make sure that they are optimised properly for the web. This means that you should use a caption or a title that says something about the topic of the video and add keywords to the file itself. You should also use tags on YouTube if the video is going there – this is how people find your content!


A presentation, especially an online slideshow, is a great way to introduce people to your business. It will help you with sales and increase the number of likes on social media!

However, it’s not enough just to create a presentation and use it! Make a catchy, interesting slideshow, with all necessary information to gain maximum viewers. 

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