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Best Social Media Tools For Business Marketing

Social media marketing has arguably become a necessity for the success of any business. You can’t perfectly market your products online without embracing the power of social media. Most people spend their time on social media, so it should be on top of your marketing strategies.

However, controlling multiple social media accounts with informative content is challenging to reach prospective clients. That’s why you must embrace intelligent social media tools to help you manage your reports. What are some of the best social media tools for business marketing? Let’s discuss them.

NetBase Quid

Market research and intelligence are crucial components of sales, and several tools are in the market with technological advancements. Netbase Quid provides AI-powered market intelligence to study consumer behavior and analyze your market share for the benefit of succeeding in a dynamic business environment. Artificial intelligence ensures that your market research is intensive through processing accurate and relevant data to help you make sound and effective decisions.

Knowing how your social media prospects behave towards your brand is crucial. You can use Netbase for consumer insights on all your social media platforms. In general, Netbase embraces AI to undertake your consumer and market intelligence. So, it produces substantial insights on appropriate business behavior and trends to help you understand competitors and connect with consumers.


Social media marketing goes hand in hand with content creation. However, social media users embrace visual content three times more than others. It is the fastest way to get noticed online. Using Biteable, you can design informative, engaging, entertaining, and relevant short clips for sharing on your social media platforms.

With Biteable, you don’t need to buy that expensive studio equipment or hire an expert and resources; you can create top-quality videos on your own. Interestingly, it has free footage, music options, and video templates. And most of its features are free, so you don’t necessarily have to upgrade. You can use Biteable to share the video in different formats and files.


Social media marketing management is crucial if your brand remains on top. You may be good at creating content but need a helping hand sharing it on social media. That’s where MeetEdgar comes in. It’s a social media tool that helps you optimize the social media traffic and automatically reshare your content to them through various platforms. It works well with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram platforms via a web-based plugin.

A single post can be distributed to all relevant social media platforms with a single click. You can also monitor your traffic and engage with them in real-time, boosting your returns in the long run. MeetEdgar has an automatic refill queue, scheduling tool, and URL shortener, among other features.


Creating and sharing content on social media is vital to ensure it is seen. Add this is a social media share button that facilitates content sharing by users to other social media sites. So, if your viewers love your content, they can share it on their platform, boosting your online presence. Interestingly, AddThis is free. The button is compatible with over 200 social media networks, including Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Whatsup, WeChat, and many more.


If you’re enthusiastic about shrinking URLs, then you probably know about Bitly. It’s one of social media tools that shortens links that shrinks long links into smaller ones. Short links are easy to share, remember, and manage between your social media content.

Bitly also tracks all the links you communicate through the tool to give you the right metrics. For instance, it shows the number of leads you drive, clicks you get, sales you convert, and the general traffic you reach. It can also pinpoint your client’s location and track your site’s referrals. Luckily, Google has embraced Bitly in their system as one of the best URL builders for link shortening and traffic tracking.

Remember, there are many more social media tools in the market. And with advancements in technology, more are popping in. Consider using a device that supports your social media marketing plan but remains relevant to your brand.

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