Get Property Management Assistance from Burnaby Experts

Burnaby Property Management

Most people think of property management as a small component of the larger picture of owning real estate. It’s an integral part of it. And nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find property managers in Burnaby who can help you manage your investment. Burnaby Property Management can help you with the many property management tasks that can’t be delegated to a landlord or an independent contractor. 

What Does Burnaby Property Management Offer?

1. Advertising and marketing services

Property managers are skilled at advertising and marketing your real estate investment recently put on the market. That saves you time, money, and effort in getting your property visible to all potential tenants or buyers. It may seem like a small component of property management that can be ignored, but it’s essential.

2. Tenant screening services

Tenant screening services are essential to finding a good tenant for your property. Your tenants may be paying your mortgage and providing you with a steady income. Still, they can also cause trouble to your property if they damage it or engage in illegal activities on the premises. So you need the help of a professional Burnaby Property Management to screen the tenants you wish to rent out.

3. Lease enforcement services

Lease enforcement services are crucial in ensuring that your tenants stick to the terms of their agreement. If you find an issue, it’s likely too late to punish them for violating the terms of their lease. And there’s nothing more frustrating than having a tenant relocate out of their rental unit without giving proper notice. Property Management in Burnaby offers lease enforcement that can be done from afar, so you can know your rental property is in good hands.

4. Tenant screening and conducting background checks

Handling tenant screening and conducting background checks is the best way to weed out potentially bad tenants that can damage your property. The best Burnaby Property Management Companies use various methods to screen tenants, including criminal background checks. Tenant screening can reveal pertinent information about the tenant that you can use in choosing who stays and who goes. Getting an experienced Property Management Company to conduct these services will allow you to focus on other things while they do it for you.

5. Professional property maintenance

Professional property maintenance is another factor in getting your property up to speed and ready for tenants or buyers. Property managers know how to do maintenance effectively and handle any repairs that may come up during a tenancy. That can be a huge hassle for individual landlords and homeowners, but it’s one of the essential parts of property management.

6. Accounting services

Accounting services are essential when owning several properties that share the same accountants. Having one accountancy firm handle your finances and business affairs is the best way to keep track of everything. And Burnaby Property Management Companies can manage this for you so that you can use their accounting services for all your properties.

7. Mortgage services

Many real estate investors don’t know how to manage their money effectively, but that’s a huge mistake. If you want to mortgage your investment property, you need the help of a financial advisor who understands mortgages and real estate investments. Burnaby Property Management provides all the services you need to be a successful investor in real estate.


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