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Exploring the Wonders of Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai has always been known for its grandeur and luxurious attractions, and the Dubai Mall is one of them. But within this massive shopping center lies a hidden gem that offers visitors a unique experience like no other – the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what makes this attraction so special, what you can expect to see and do there, and how to plan your visit with the help of Aan Tourism.

Location and Getting There

The Underwater Zoo is conveniently located within the Dubai Mall Aquarium, one of the largest shopping centers in the world. To get there, you can take a taxi or public transportation, such as the Dubai Metro. The mall is also easily accessible by car, with plenty of parking available.

The Entrance and Layout

The entrance to the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium is located on the second level of the Dubai Mall, near the famous Dubai Fountain. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a spacious lobby and ticketing area, where you can purchase tickets or pick up pre-booked ones from Aan Tourism.

From there, you’ll make your way to the aquarium tunnel, which takes you on a mesmerizing journey through a 270-degree curved tunnel, surrounded by thousands of sea creatures swimming all around you.

The Marine Life Exhibits

The Aquarium boasts a wide variety of marine life exhibits, showcasing some of the most exotic and unique creatures from around the world. Here are some of the highlights:

King Croc – This exhibit is home to one of the largest crocodiles in the world, measuring over 5 meters in length and weighing over 750 kg.

Otters and Penguins – Watch these adorable creatures frolic and play in their respective exhibits.

Underwater Tunnel – As mentioned earlier, this tunnel offers a breathtaking view of marine life, including sharks, rays, and colorful fish.

Jellyfish – The Jellyfish exhibit features several species of these mesmerizing creatures, including the delicate Moon Jellyfish and the fluorescent Blue Blubber Jellyfish.

Seahorses – Witness the magic of these mystical creatures as they glide through the water.

Dubai Aquarium – The largest tank in the aquarium is home to over 300 sharks and rays, as well as other species such as the Giant Groupers and Napoleon Wrasse.

In addition to the exhibits, the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium also offers several interactive experiences for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular:

Cage Snorkeling – Put on a wetsuit and snorkel gear, and immerse yourself in the shark-filled tank, with only a cage separating you from these majestic creatures.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour – Take a guided tour of the aquarium from the comfort of a glass-bottom boat, offering a unique perspective on the marine life below.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour – Learn about the inner workings of the aquarium and meet some of the staff responsible for caring for the animals.

Planning Your Visit with Aan Tourism

Now that you know what to expect from the Aquarium, it’s time to plan your visit with the help of Aan Tourism. As a trusted travel agency specializing in UAE attractions, Aan Tourism offers a wide range of ticketing options, including skip-the-line tickets, VIP tours, and more.

With Aan Tourism, you can also bundle your visit to the Dubai Mall Aquarium with other popular attractions in Dubai, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden, or the Dubai Frame. They also offer convenient transportation options, making it easy to get around the city.


The Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Dubai, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for all ages. With its stunning exhibits, interactive experiences, and convenient location within the Dubai Mall, it’s no wonder this attraction has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

And with the help of Aan Tourism, planning your visit has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today and get ready to explore the wonders of the ocean at the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium.

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