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Eco-Friendly Wetsuits by Sumarpo to Give Best Swimming Experience


SUMARPO is a renowned brand for producing eco-friendly wetsuits for triathlon and open water. The brand was first launched in the United Kingdom in 2008 and comes with triathlon gears. The primary purpose was to provide services for triathlon professionals to practice comfortably in their field. For those who want to make their swimming experiences memorable and want to achieve their targets quickly, SUMARPO wetsuits make a perfect match. The suits with ergonomic design help in giving outstanding performance. Honestly, SUMARPO wetsuits can offer more buoyancy, more speed, less resistance, and offer less drag.

Introduction About Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon wetsuits RACE is the new technological dress that is rapidly getting popular, and manufacturers are concerned about it. SUMARPO has produced eco-friendly triathlon suit with sustainable technology. The brand is doing a sincere effort to protect environment. In light of this, SUMARPO adopts 100% environmentally friendly materials, that is Yamamoto limestone neoprene.

Eco-Materials in Wetsuits

SUMARPO is using the eco-material having superior athletic characteristics of neoprene. The fabric of the suit is also biodegradable and recyclable. One can choose the wetsuit confidently as the brand guarantees recyclable fabric because of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. One plus point about such a wetsuit is that its glue is benzene-free so no itching or irritation to the skin will occur during swimming. Also, non-benzene glue is beneficial to health.

SUMARPO is using Yamamoto limestone neoprene and using innovative manufacturing technology that helps in improving the amount of raw neoprene that does not discard in landfills. The way of during these wetsuits is also natural and cut carbon emissions by 20%, and there is a reduction in water consumption by 80%.  One more specialty is that this material keep body warm. No matter how much time you stay in water, you will not feel cold when coming out of water.

Features of Neoprene

SUMARPO is using Yamamoto neoprene that is known as the best neoprene around the globe. Yamamoto neoprene is a biodegradable source that offers great flexibility and wonderful buoyancy, so it will not give you any tiredness. It is ideal for the swimsuit because it offers buoyancy of about 30%. It’s very much high as compared to other products. The main reason for using the neoprene is that it is eco-friendly and made with limestone. It is a natural source and formed in a sea of Hawaii. SCS coating layer is also ideal in reducing the surface drag. Thus, the low resistance helps you to move in water fast and smooth. Thus, less consumption of energy and more performance.

Keep body dry

Most swimsuits on the market are permeable and make your body wet. But one specialty about the neoprene wetsuit is that it is completely impermeable to water. That means zero% absorption does not let your body wet and keep you dry. Thus, give you a comfortable swimming experience.

Sizes Available

The swimsuits are available in different thickness sizes. Thus, one can choose the size that lowers the center of buoyancy and gives a perfect horizontal swimming position. The collar design is another plus point that improves comfort, minimizes skin fraction, and prevents water penetration. Moreover, it improves the efficiency of arm movement and gives comfortable mobility of the shoulder.

Paddles of swimsuits

One more feature that makes these Triathlon wetsuits outstanding and helps them stand among the crowd is the groove shape paddle system that reduces the water drag and increases the arm stroke efficiency. Thus, improve swimming speed and reduce tiredness.  The inverted U-shaped leg cuff and slant cut ankle in swimsuits also give you flexibility.

Other features

These wetsuits come with a long strap-on zipper at the back, so one can easily zip up and down conveniently. No need for others’ help; one can do it by himself.


SUMARPO wetsuits are great options for beginners and expert swimmers. The reliable dress by the company is available in multiple sizes and easy tow era. Moreover, neoprene material offers flexibility, buoyancy, and a fatigue-free swimming experience. So, improve your swimming experience by buying eco-friendly swimsuits and improve your skills of swimming. Stay in the water for long hours, and you will stay comfortable, dry and enjoy having this fun activity.

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