Ethernet Cable 1000ft Pros and Cons: Ultimate Guide

Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables 1000ft are bulk LAN cables that come in a wide variety of options. These cables are used in schools, homes, hospitals, and every modern building infrastructure you can imagine. 

The most commonly used variants of 1000ft ethernet cables are Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. Perhaps you would also be familiar with at least one of these cables, as every modern home internet infrastructure utilizes these. If not for the internet, these cables are used to connect CCTV cameras, VoIP phones, etc. 

Having said that, there are certain pros and cons of using these cables. For instance, you can use these cables and get lightning-fast data transmission speeds, but they are also bulky. Installing these cables is also a hassle if you are not familiar with them.

Read this blog to buy ethernet cables, knowing what their pros and cons are. Let’s dive straight in. 

Understanding ethernet cable 1000ft

As mentioned earlier, bulk ethernet cables are also known as ethernet cable 1000ft, simply because 1000ft of cable is quite bulky. 

At its core, an ethernet cable features 4 tightly twisted pairs of conductors. These pairs are twisted to keep (electromagnetic interference) EMI at a minimum level. 

Further, the conductor pairs are wrapped in a protective sheath known as the jacket. The jacket is very important for the proper functioning and performance of the cable. 

It makes sure that the conductors remain neutral to the environment, and in case of a fire hazard, they do not emit smoke (only a minimal amount). The main cable jackets are plenum and riser. The riser jacket emits small amounts of toxic smoke whereas the plenum emits extremely small amounts of non-toxic smoke. 

Low-Voltage Cables

Fundamentally, these cables are low-voltage cables. Meaning data is transmitted across them in the form of low voltage. However, they can also be used for Power Over Ethernet (power over ethernet) applications. 

PoE is the transmission of electric power across LAN cables. This is used when your device needs both power and a link to transmit data via the same cable. 


Electromagnetic interference is generated when electromagnetic signals are transmitted from one cable into another parallel cable. When the interference is emitted from one individual wire and absorbed into another wire within the same cable, it is known as crosstalk. 

Both are forms of interference that reduce the quality of data transfer in ethernet cables. To avoid this problem, wires are twisted tightly within the cable with reduced EMI and crosstalk. 

The cables are also shielded with a wire mesh around the wire pairs to keep EMI out. 

Types of Bulk Ethernet Cables

It is also important to know at least the main types of ethernet cable 1000ft if you are to know their pros and cons. 


The Cat5e ethernet cable 1000ft is designed for use in domestic and small-scale businesses. It has a data transfer speed of 100 MBit/s over 100 meters. Which can be increased up to 1 GBit/s over up to 50 meters. 

This cable was designed originally as an enhanced variant of the Cat5. It is quite affordable but the performance specifications are quite basic. 

100 MBit/s might be enough for regular CCTV cameras but if you want to use speed-intensive applications, you might want to consider the next cable. 


Category 6 or Cat6 is arguably the most widely used ethernet cable on our list. It is also an affordable solution that is fairly easy to install too. 

This cable has a data transfer rate of 1 GBit/s over 100 meters. It also offers a voluminous bandwidth capacity of up to 550 MHz. 

Resistance to interference wise, the cable is quite desirable. Its conductor pairs are tightly twisted which results in a high-speed data transfer with minimal to no data loss. 

Further, this cable is also used in most high-performance applications. Whether it is a PoE switch or a 4K television, you might want to use this for flawless data transmission. 


The third cable on our list is the Cat6a. ‘A’ stands for augmented, which basically means it is an upgraded version of the previously discussed Cat6. 

Meaning while just as high-performing as the Cat6, it is even more resilient to EMI and crosstalk. It also ensures that no data is lost in transmission and that the signals delivered are top-quality. 

While using the internet over WiFi, unknown network errors are common. That is not the case with this ethernet cable 1000ft. 

The performance specifications of the cable are quite impressive too. 

It has a whopping 10 GBit/s data transfer rate over 100 meters with a voluminous 750 Mhz bandwidth – more than enough for most modern ethernet applications including 1000BASE-T and 10GBE. 


If you are looking to buy ethernet cables, you might be tempted to know what their pros and cons are. Keep reading to learn the advantages you get when you buy bulk ethernet cables for LAN or WAN networks. 

The first advantage is speed. Up to 10 GBit/s uninterrupted data transfer speed can easily be achieved over Cat6a or even Cat6 cable

Secondly, the quality of connections is flawless. Without any data loss, you can enjoy using your ethernet-enabled devices. Whereas over wifi, as mentioned earlier, data loss is a common thing. 

The third advantage of using these cables is privacy. WiFi networks are hacked all the time and data sent over wireless networks is not entirely safe. Whereas over a wired ethernet connection, your data is much safer. 


There are certain drawbacks to using ethernet cable 1000ft as well.

The first is cost. While wifi is more affordable to install, ethernet cables may cost you more. However, you can consider it an investment that is returned in the form of an everlasting network that is highly efficient. 

The second drawback with using ethernet cables 1000ft is that they are bulky. You do not get the luxury of greater mobility with them, as you do with WiFi connections. 

Ethernet Cable Near Me

Buying ethernet cables online also has its pros and cons. Some people, therefore, prefer buying cables from their nearest vendor. 

However, you can have ethernet cables delivered right to your doorsteps by buying them online. 

Final Verdict

In short, bulk ethernet cable 1000ft comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. While they are high-performing and provide better privacy, they are also bulky and cost slightly more. You need to consider both factors before you buy ethernet cables 1000ft. We hope this article was of help to you.