Global Businessman and MP Puts National Focus on Employment

NORSTRAT Consulting is an exclusive service provider which provides tailored strategic, operational and contingency planning to government and commercial customers across Canada. Named after a famous Canadian author, NORSTRAT was formed in 1995 to fill a need for a high-quality, cost-effective civil engineering consulting in the rapidly changing commercial environment. With over thirty years experience in the planning and development of civil engineering projects from coast to coast, we have the expertise to deliver our clients a comprehensive civil engineering services package.

Mr. Lee Carson is a long-standing,respected long time member of Canada s civil and aerospace community with a lifetime passion for everything polar related. With over twenty years experience of leading projects from construction to acquisitions and operations, he has developed a strong background in both engineering and operations management. A highly versatile person with a wide range of technical skills, he has managed projects from large scale construction to acquisitions and divestiture. Currently, he serves as a consultant to a number of private industry organizations and has been involved in the development of the Government of Canada’s Northern Strategy (NTSB). As a strategic consultant, he provides services which focus on transportation planning, infrastructure, civil engineering, environmental and scientific analysis and mapping as well as public policy and communications.

Mr. Carson, is recognized as one of the world’s leading consultants on northern strategy and is credited as one of the key contributors to the successful adoption of the national identity in the Canadian premiers assembly. His contributions as a writer and commentator on various media outlets have brought him international prominence. Other works include the book Polar Outings: The Canadian Companion, a bestseller, and numerous magazine articles. As a planner and analyst, his work has been seen around the world and in dozens of television programs including the History Channel’s Cold War TV Show. Other works include the book We The People, a movie about social policy in Canada, and The Making of Canada: A History.

In addition to his consulting services for the Canadian government, Mr. Carson has also spent time serving as an advisor and/or consultant to private Canadian companies. Consulting with the private sector allows him to gain a broader perspective on how his country’s unique set of circumstances operate. In addition to examining how the firms themselves operate in the current climate, he is able to advise them on how they can adjust their operations to successfully compete in the growing markets of Asia and Europe. Further, he is able to provide a more realistic perspective on the potential impact on Canada’s economy as a result of the increasing Asian economic downturn.

Not only does Mr. Carson serve as an advisor for private Canadian companies, but also for the government of Canada. As the Minister of State for International Trade, he is responsible for the implementation of the government’s northern strategy, which was released in November of 2021. Through this strategy, Canada is pursuing a multi-faceted approach to promoting its economy through the creation of numerous trading partners in order to reduce its overall dependence on exports and stimulate growth in the domestic economy. As stated at the launch of the strategy, Canada’s goal is to become the world leader in exports – primarily in the services sector – by building upon its solid foundation of domestic industry. In this article, I will describe his role as it pertains to Canada’s overall approach to implementing the north Canadian strategy.

According to Mr. Carson’s official website, his main responsibility is to lead the implementation effort within the government. He is also tasked with leading the advisory committee charged with implementing the strategy in the private sector. In addition to being responsible for the creation of the ever-growing norstrat corporation, he is also responsible for leading and working to develop the private sector businesses associated with the strategy. As such, his efforts are focused on helping to ensure that these firms take advantage of the benefits provided by the Canada-Northerlands Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).

As previously mentioned, the primary objective of the norstrat corporation is to focus on promoting economic growth in the northern part of the country. It is this goal that forms the heart of Mr. Carson’s business objectives. For this reason, he continually emphasizes that the creation of the norstrat corporation – through an initiative of the government – is critical to the success of this strategy. In this regard, he has consistently maintained that a free trade agreement – such as that which exists between Canada and the United States – is critical to the promotion of economic growth in the north. Further, he has repeatedly expressed his belief that the construction of a new international airport in the north, as well as the creation of a new bridge across the Northwest Passage, are crucial to Canada’s ability to remain a viable global player.

With respect to his business objectives, Mr. Carson states that he is concerned about the lack of jobs in Canada’s oil sands sector. His solutions, therefore, include the creation of jobs in the oil sands industry by training Canadians living abroad in high-paying positions. In addition, he is also concerned about the lack of progress regarding the Comprehensive Economic Strategy (CEOS). In this regard, he has repeatedly stated that, if elected, he will ensure that the CES becomes a national priority. In this regard, he has also expressed his desire to make improvements to Canada’s tax system – such as those related to offshore oil and gas, by implementing a tax credit for investing in Canadian businesses and creating a better way of collecting tax payments from large multinational corporations.

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