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Gold Standard in High-Quality Biolife Plasma Collection  

Biolife Promotions

Now that the newest Biolife Plasma donation center is open in the Valley, people in need of plasma donations to make potentially life-saving medicines can get them. Formerly Federico College Blackstone Ave., the building housing Biolife Plasma has been renovated and reopened across the street from Burlington Coat Factory.

Since plasma research has allowed for the development of such innovative pharmaceuticals, the company has decided to move to a larger and more convenient location to meet consumer demand.

Biolife Plasma, which provides compensation for donors, returns $2 million to $3 million annually, with 80% of donor compensation invested in the local community. Donations of plasma are used in the study and development of treatments for a wide range of chronic illnesses, from those associated with the immune system to those with more complex causes.

Save Money After Making a Biolife Plasma Donation

Biolife has an outstanding campaign in which they reward new donors with $10 for each unit of blood they donate within the first two weeks. Donors will be asked to donate plasma in addition to their units during week three and will receive $15 off their first plasma donation as a thank-you. That amounts to a savings of about 50%, or $10 per unit. Most customers consider Biolife Promotions to be reasonably priced when compared to similar services offered by organizations whose members pay twice or three times as much as Biolife does from new donors.

Medicines are Made from Donated Plasma

Medicine made from plasma is often the only option for these patients, Lipson said. Since plasma cannot be synthesized, it must be collected from willing healthy donors.

Biolife Open a Brand-New Building

In 2023, Biolife Plasma will open a new production center in Bakersfield, California. Providing West Michigan patients with easy access to potentially lifesaving blood plasma is the motivation behind a new plasma donation facility in Holland.  In addition to its other locations in West Michigan, Biolife Plasma has a new location at 12331 James St., Suite 20 in Holland. The total square footage of the new building is 13,810.

Increasing the Number of Locations Where Plasma Is Collected

The Holland donation center is Biolife Plasma’s second location; its Grand Rapids headquarters are at 2670 East Paris Ave. SE, between Walker and Grandville.  BioLife said in a statement that it is increasing the number of plasma collection centers it operates across the United States to meet rising demand.  The Holland center will join the more than 180 existing, state-of-the-art plasma donation facilities in the United States.

Biolife Collaborating with Local Donors to Fill the Demand for Plasma

BioLife has stated that it is excited about its upcoming expansion into the Holland area and looks forward to collaborating with local donors to meet the rising demand for plasma. Drugs that may save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with rare and complex chronic conditions like immunodeficiency disorders are made possible thanks to plasma donations.

Blood Donation Eligibility For Healthy Individuals Is A Prerequisite For This

Biolife Plasma can only be obtained through the generous gifts of healthy blood donors. The American Red Cross reports that plasma accounts for nearly half of all blood and is used to treat conditions like hemophilia as well as victims of shock and burns.  A global leader in biopharmaceuticals, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, has opened the state-of-the-art bioLife Plasma Services Donor Center in Tukwila, Washington.

Biolife Superior Efficiency in Environmental Management  

When it comes to environmental friendliness and maintaining a constant supply of medicine, this first all-electric center exemplifies our commitment to and leadership in sustainability, says Sanjay Bhana, CEO of the United States.

Observing All Precise Donor Safety Procedures

Biolife Plasma has experienced rapid growth in response to the growing need for plasma donations caused by the rising demand for plasma-derived medicines. The all-electric Tukwila location is just one of more than 150 high-quality plasma donation facilities operated by BioLife across the United States, all of which are dedicated to upholding the strictest standards in donor safety. Takeda uses plasma collected at BioLife facilities to develop effective medications for a wide range of rare and challenging conditions, including immunodeficiency disorders.

Build Zero-Emissions Biolife Plasma Donation Centers

Takeda intends to build fully electric Biolife Plasma donation clinics as part of its efforts to demonstrate its commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation cutting water use by 5 percent by 2025.

Plasma to be Used in the Creation of Plasma-Based Medications  

Biolife Plasma services is the standard-bearer when it comes to collecting high-quality plasma for processing into plasma-based medicines. Since its inception in 2002, BioLife has provided 18 years of service to the local area. In the United States and Europe, we oversee 180 state-of-the-art plasma collection facilities. Takeda Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited is a global pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes plasma-based therapeutics and is driven by research and development and guided by a set of core values.  

Biolife Committed to Working Together in the Healthcare Industry

The plasma of Bio-Life Using our enhanced collaborative R&D engine and skills to build a strong, modality-diverse pipeline, we aim to create highly innovative medicines that make a difference in people’s lives by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of therapy. Our employees in around 80 countries and regions are committed to working together with our healthcare partners to improve the quality of life for patients everywhere.

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