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How Can Rigid Packing Boxes Provide the Appearance of Luxury Packaging?

Rigid boxes are the only thing that professionally portrays a product. Imagine walking into a store and being drawn to a certain item right away. You might believe that you have finally found what you were looking for.

You hold the thing in your hands with anticipation, yet the excitement quickly fades. The cause? Simple, even the awkward package. When they notice the package is subpar, many shoppers put the merchandise down. Nonetheless, certain packaging encourages us to purchase the goods.

You’ve probably noticed that luxury items like ties, watches, and cufflinks frequently come in hard packaging. And what makes them more valuable is the package. Otherwise, if they are packaged in a paper box, who would buy them?

What are rigid boxes?

Because of the superior packing materials used, firm packaging is also referred to as premium packaging. Because they are rigid boxes wholesale, packages are frequently assumed to be made of non-organic materials. Yet, they are actually paper-based packaging boxes. The thickness of these boxes is produced by pressing a layer of paperboard. These boxes are frequently overlaid with printed paper, foil, or fabric.

Types of rigid packaging boxes:

Let’s talk about some different rigid packages. So you would know which one to utilize when launching a product.

Benefits of using rigid packaging:

They protect the object from damage.

How can we alter our company’s packaging?

Let’s talk about several approaches to modifying our boxes. Packaging companies offer a broad range of services to their customers. So let’s talk about each one so you can decide which one or box you want.

Throughout the process of engraving, we utilize various tools to chisel away at the surface of any design. Instead, as with the logo, we remove its exterior. We then use metalized foil or some dry colors. Foil made of gold or silver is typically preferred over aluminum. The foil in gold or silver makes the box look more elegant and completes the aesthetic.

In contrast, the technique of embossing involves the utilization of heat sources. To make the graphics blow out of the surface of rigid boxes wholesale, we utilize a heat gun or other similar device in this operation. The puffed-out region gives our cases a 3D appearance. These methods come in handy when you want to give a simple box a sleek, contemporary appearance.

There are numerous printing procedures, and each one needs a unique set of tools and expertise. But, each approach also offers our boxes a distinctive look. For instance, because the ink may be absorbed into the material, screen printing produces a smooth appearance. Some of the most popular printing techniques include:

Logo on rigid packaging boxes has meaning:

A logo is used to represent a brand. But, branding on a rigid box is different. It is utilized to improve the packaging’s appearance while also making it appear as elegant as feasible.

A trademark is a design that causes others to think positively of your brand. After a customer has grown to trust your company, they may be able to recognize its logo from a distance.


Rich companies employ a variety of printing techniques to print their logo on the box. Meanwhile, high-end businesses carve the symbol into a sturdy case. A 3D look can also occasionally be produced using embossing. For embossing, heat sources like heat pistols are used. Use metalized foil if you’re still not happy and want it to look more expensive. The box looks better with a logo that has been foil-stamped in gold or silver. Now, use the advice we provided to make your rigid boxes in the UK appear more pricey and opulent.

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