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How to choose your tweezers: instructions for use

In the world of hair removal, tweezers are an essential tool, which allows you to have clean and clean hair removal!

Which forceps to use for facial hair removal? Which for short or fine hairs? How to properly use your tweezers?

Find the answers to your questions in our short guide.

Why use tweezers?

Hair removal with tweezers is probably the oldest hair removal technique. Indeed, several models of tweezers dating from the Mesopotamian era have been found during archaeological excavations. A method that has therefore passed through the ages, which says a lot about its effectiveness!

The tweezers allow clean and precise depilation of all areas of the body as the face. When the hair bulb is well pulled out, it is a long-lasting hair removal method, which will not require ironing within 3 days, unlike a razor.

Today, tweezers are the most widely used method of waxing the face, whether it is eyebrow or upper lip plucking. For the body, she is very useful for finishing after waxing or electric epilator.

In addition, it becomes a particularly economical hair removal technique when you know how to handle the tweezers: no need to make an appointment with a professional, no need to invest in superfluous equipment, the tweezers are sufficient to herself.

Finally, the practical side of the tweezers allows you to take them everywhere with you: perfect for small touch-ups to do during your vacation. 

Beveled, crab, square or pointed: which tweezers to choose?

Among the range of tweezers available on the market, it is not easy to find the ones that will best meet your expectations. There are several sizes, from the pocket model to the large ones of 15 cm, to those of 8 cm. We advise you to choose one adapted to the size of your hand, for easier use. Watch out for pocket models that slip easily under the fingers! 

Regarding the material, we advise you to turn to models of metal tweezers: this material is more resistant to time than plastic tweezers, and reduces the proliferation of microbes, preventing infections.

Beyond the material, there are many forms of tweezers: beveled tweezers, crab tweezers, precision tweezers, or even square tweezers. Each has its specificities, and they do not all correspond to the same use.

The beveled tweezers for facial hair removal

The beveled tweezers are ideal for hair removal of small sensitive areas, which require attention to detail. Thanks to its inclined jaws, it follows the curves of the face to pick up the hair even in areas that are difficult to access. It offers great precision to remove hairs one by one and prevent hair removal accidents. For successful facial hair removal, our beveled tweezers are easy to handle and provide clean and precise hair removal on eyebrows, as well as the upper lip.

Its only drawback? It is not always very effective for very fine hairs, which it tends to shear. And yes, no one is perfect!

The crab tweezers for beautiful finishes

The crab tweezers are ideal for finishing your waxing or epilator. Thanks to its curved jaws, it offers easy handling and unparalleled comfort of use. It allows you to select the hairs precisely and pull them out from the root, including for short or fine hairs. Our crab tweezers will be your best ally to get rid of hairs, whatever the area of   the body to be epilated!

The square tweezers to get rid of coarse hairs

To get rid of thick hair, the square tweezers are a lethal weapon. Indeed, the square jaw tweezers allow to have a good grip on the hairs and to remove them easily. Our tweezers square helps remove hair by the roots, even when they are short without risk of breakage. Thanks to it, you will be able to say goodbye to stubborn hair!

While it is ideal for finishing epilation or for straightening eyebrow depilation, it is not suitable for precise facial depilation: you risk catching several hairs at once without wanting to.

The sharp tweezers for ingrown hairs

More common among hair removal professionals than in private bathrooms, pointed tweezers are often used for electrolysis (hair removal that burns the hair, which is removed with this type of tweezers). That being said, it can be very handy for catching the ingrown hairs that are causing resistance at the root. She is also a great ally in removing splinters! Of course, its sharp tips must be handled with care to avoid small injuries. 

How to properly use your tweezers?

To use your tweezers properly, good hygiene is essential. Disinfect the forceps with alcohol or antiseptic between uses. Also disinfect the area to be epilated before epilation, to clear the space and the epilation session can begin.

To be as precise as possible and not to hurt yourself, stretch the skin with one hand and pluck the hair with the other. The gesture will be less painful, and it will prevent you from accidentally pinching the skin. To reduce the pain, and above all, not to break the hair, pull in the direction of the implantation. This is the best way to have the hair with its root, and it is less traumatic for the skin. On the move, you can pull sharply to have less pain, but if your hair breaks easily, pulling firmly, but gently, will be more likely to get the bulb. 

Once the waxing is finished, disinfect the area again to prevent the appearance of small pimples. On sensitive and reactive skin, do not hesitate to apply a soothing moisturizer after waxing. 

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