How to do automatic data collection?

Extracting data from a website to your system gets boring and difficult when you do it line by line. If you don’t know how to automatically extract data from a website to your datasheet, then a data analyst job might frustrate you. If you use an excel sheet to save the data you get from different websites over the internet, you can collect data faster and more conveniently.

Yes, now you can do automatic data collection. The data from the website will get extracted, and then you can save it in an excel sheet. For example, if you work for a financial analyst company, your job description would be to get daily stock prices from different websites in your excel workbook. 

So extracting the stock prices automatically to your excel workbook gets easier when it happens automatically. There will be many jobs where you will have to extract data into your excel sheet, but you can do it more swiftly. 

Steps on extracting data automatically from a website to your excel sheet

Only excel will allow you to extract data automatically from the web pages. There is one thing you need to pay attention that the data you want to extract from a website has to be in the format of pre-data format or tables. If the data is not in one of these formats, you have to win another battle to convert the data into one. After that, you will be able to save it in your excel sheet.

Extracting data automatically from Google finance pages

So, let’s assume you don’t have to fight that battle right now, and you have found a website where the data is in one of these formats, and now you have to extract it automatically to your excel sheet. Let’s dive into automatically extracting data from a website to your excel sheet. To collect data from the web, you will have to use excel from the web command in the data ribbon.

You can update your excel sheet data. 

If you want to update data in your excel sheet, you can do that automatically and manually. It won’t take long. Here are the steps for updating your excel sheet data:

The final word

If you are doing a data analyst job, you would understand how long it would take to extract data line by line from the website to your excel sheet. That is why we have discussed a much simpler and time-saving way of automatically collecting data from a website to your excel sheet above.

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