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How To Get The Best Money For Your Antique Furniture?

Modern furniture pieces would always look great in any home as they provide a beautiful and trendy touch to it. While they can really be attractive, something with antique furniture makes them worth more than any other furniture piece out on the market today. 

Antique furniture has been a true gem in the collector’s world. Not only that they carry outstanding craftsmanship and design, but each piece also tells a story, making them worth more than their other counterparts. Before you proceed with a furniture art consignment into selling your antique furniture, below are some ways on how to get the best money for your antique furniture?

Get An Appraiser

One of the first things you should do before you put your antique furniture out on the market is to get an appraiser, so you’ll have a brief idea of your furniture’s worth. This way, you won’t over or undersell your pieces, like a dining table, coffee table, bench, and stool, allowing you to get your money’s worth. With an appraiser, you’ll have a specific number of how much you can sell your piece, eliminating the number guessing game. This will allow for an accurate price while also ensuring that you’ll attract the right audiences. 

An appraiser’s role isn’t only to give you a rough price of your antique furniture but also to provide you with complete details about it. They can tell you how old it is, who the original maker was, the story and purpose behind it, whether authentic or reproduced, and finally, how much it’s worth. Nonetheless, hiring one can be expensive as you need to pay for them by the hour.

Alternatively, you can hire an online appraisal with a reduced price of at least 80 to 90 percent. All you have to do is show clear photos, and they should help you give a rough price for your furniture.

Maintain Its Condition

No matter how old and popular a product is, not many people would go head over heels to purchase your item if it’s in its worst condition. The more you can allow your piece to look and feel the same as it originally was, the higher the price you could get. This way, you can fully relieve the item and allow it to be useful and beautiful inside one’s home. 

As you try to sell your antique furniture, you should try to preserve its condition for as long as possible. This’ll include proper storage, which will be far from humidity and damp air. Moreover, you should also dust it to avoid making it dirty and fading its color.

If your furniture is quite messy, you might consider doing a gentle cleaning using a mild soap distilled in water and gently rubbing using a soft cloth. Using a furniture paste wax for tougher stains would be the best option as they’re less oily. 

Sell To An Antique Store Or Show

As you plan to sell your antique furniture, you must sell it to the right market so you can truly get its worth. If you plan to sell it to regular stores, they might not entertain your high price, especially since they don’t prioritize antique pieces. With an antique store, you can guarantee that they’ll respect your prices and would consider purchasing them from you. This way, you can get the best price for your piece. 

On the other hand, selling your antique pieces to an antique show would hopefully help you to attract more audiences and sell your item for a higher price. Since you’re dealing directly with consumers, you don’t have to worry about the price adjustments that stores need to make to sell them well in their stores. You can set a fixed price with a show and let antique enthusiasts go crazy over your piece and purchase them for their homes. 

Consider Auction

If you’d like to truly maximize how much you could get from your antique furniture is to bring them for an auction. This way, you can set a base price for how much you’d like to start the bidding and watch people debate how much they should have it. You can get a higher price for your furniture without working too hard. With an auction, you can truly get the best price for your antique furniture. 

As you go for an auction, you can look for a physical auction or do it online. Today, there are plenty of platforms that allow him to sell your antique furniture online, making it convenient for you. To attract more bidders to your item, you should ensure that you take the best photos. You can hire a product photographer and stage the piece inside your home. This’ll help to give your furniture life and creativity, allowing bidders to imagine what it’ll look like inside their home. 


How to get the best money for your antique furniture? Selling antique furniture isn’t a walk in the park. Apart from maintaining its condition in the best shape possible, you also need to find the right audience who’ll appreciate your pieces and would be more than willing to pay how much you ask for. While the process might be lengthy and challenging, the amount you’ll be getting from it would be worth it. 

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