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How to Style Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs like the kinky curly virgin human hair, kinky coily virgin human hair, and the afro kinky virgin human hair are the best when it comes to styling extensions. They are easy to work with and they offer you many styling options. In this article, you will be learning how to style this type of wig so keep reading.

What You Need

Before you begin to style your human hair wig, you must have the right hair tools and products. For example, if you wanted to style the kinky blowout wig, here are the tools you will need:



Step-by-step Guide on How to Style a Human Hair Wig

Step 1: Detangle the Hair

Using your wide-tooth comb or Denman brush, gently detangle the hair.

Step 2: Wash

Wash your wig using your sulfate-free shampoo in lukewarm water from roots to tips. Also ensure you gently cleanse the inside of the cap.

Next, massage the conditioner into the hair shaft and leave it to sit for between 5 to 15 minutes.

After this, rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently squeeze with a towel to get rid of the excess water. Do not squeeze or rub hard as this can cause the hair to tangle.

Put the hair on your wig stand and leave to air dry or use your blowdryer. If you’re using a blowdryer, put it on the coolest or lukewarm setting. Do not dry completely because damp hair is easier to work with.

Step 3: Apply Your Products

Gently massage your leave-in conditioner and hair oil into the human hair wig.

Next, apply your heat protectant. The hair oil helps to moisturize the human hair wig while the heat protectant helps to protect the hair from the heat of your hair straightener or curling wand.

Step 4: Section the Hair

Using your hair clips to hold them off, divide the human hair wig into sections. This makes it easier for you to work with.

Step 5: Straighten the Hair

Pick a section of hair and using your hair straightener, start to straighten from 1 inch after the roots of the hair to the tip. You can use your hair straightener or curling wand to add curls to the hair. To do this, wrap the hair around your hair straightener or curling wand and leave it in for about 10 seconds. Gently take away the hair straightener or curling wand and let your curled hair fall.

Repeat for the other sections of hair.

Step 6: Spray Hair Shine

After you’re done, spray your hair shine to give it a neat shiny look.

Maintenance Tips

Styling a human hair wig can be fun and rewarding. If you are unable to afford one You can try out synthetic hair wigs like 4C Afro Wig which are pocket-friendly. 

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