Identifying Best People for Promoting Oil and Gas Development Using the Norstrat System

NORSTRAT Consulting is an internationally accredited provider of polar research and analysis. Dr. Lee Carson founded the non-profit corporation in 1997 to serve the needs of private industry, government agencies and academia in the areas of scientific and technical analysis of polar systems. As a member of the Royal Society of Canada, he is authorized to represent the interests of the Canadian polar communities. His research has contributed substantially to the better understanding of polar environment and their interactions.

Dr. Carson is also an accomplished polar research engineer, holding positions with Hydro-Mechanical Systems in Toronto, Ontario; Department of Physical Sciences in Ottawa, Canada; and with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Ottawa, Canada. As an entrepreneur, consultant and researcher, he has made his skills and discoveries available to other like-minded individuals and organizations. He is highly sought after as a speaker, author, consultant, and educational author. A highly regarded educational consultant, Dr. Carson’s work and advice has been adopted and utilized by government agencies and other relevant authorities with a genuine interest in implementing elements of the northern strategy in Canada and abroad.

Dr. Carson is also an excellent choice to serve as a consultant on issues related to the north. A highly regarded atmospheric scientist and research meteorologist, Dr. Carson has authored or co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and numerous books on climate change and global warming. His published works provide the best available information on the Arctic environment and its impacts on the Canadian economy, society and people. In addition, he has served as a consultant and scientific adviser to government and non-government organizations focused on northern research and development.

By hiring the services of Dr. Carson, one can benefit from his vast knowledge in scientific and technological innovation and application. With more than 25 years of experience in the physical security of the Canadian North, Dr. Carson can offer practical advice to help organizations, firms, and governments secure the health, energy, water, and communications essential to life in the northern regions of Canada. He is an active member of several national and international environmental organizations and is involved with Canadian protection of the Canadian Arctic ecosystems. He is an active member of several think tanks and has served for many years on the board of directors of the Wilderness Committee of Canada.

Norstrat Consulting Services offers environmental consulting services to Canadian government and other organizations that require a comprehensive assessment of the physical security of the northern region. Dr. Carson possesses extensive knowledge in the field of scientific research and development, management of natural resources, and the ecological management of the Canadian interior. As a result, he is well-equipped to evaluate and develop programs that protect the Canadian wildlife and environmental resources. One of his major areas of concern is the energy sector. The exploration, development, and use of Canadian oil and gas have considerable environmental impacts. Dr. Carson’s scientific work and studies have provided information that has helped him to formulate the northern strategy, an approach that facilitates the responsible development of the oil and gas industry in Canada.

Another area of concern in the northern strategy is the creation of a diverse population living in communities that support economic sustainability. One of the challenges that Canada faces in the coming years is the need to attract and retain the best people to live in communities that support a strong economy. The creation of the norstrat system helps to identify the people depicted as the most promising in the ability to develop the economy in the northern regions of Canada. Norstrat also helps to determine the amount of capital required to build infrastructure in the communities described in the norstrat dialer software.

As detailed in the recent reports released by the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency, the norstrat dialer technology has been successfully implemented by government agencies tasked with implementing elements of the northern strategy. The reports detailed that the majority of government agencies in Canada have used norstrat to effectively identify the most promising individuals for the development of the economy in the areas of oil and gas exploration and production. Government agencies credited the norstrat system as an effective means of identifying the most promising individuals for jobs in the oil and gas industry.

According to a recent article posted on the website of norstrat Consulting Inc, the norstrat dialer software was successfully implemented by the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency in partnership with the consulting firm. The article also states that the norstrat dialer proved to be successful in identifying the right individuals for key jobs within the oil and gas sector. In addition to this, the article goes on to state that the Canadian government is continually working towards finding ways to implement the norstrat software throughout the country. It is also hoped that other government agencies throughout the country will follow suit and begin to implement the norstrat dialer system as a successful means of identifying the most promising individuals for positions within the oil and gas industry.

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