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Lee Carson works at Norstrat, which began in 2001 to assist defence contractors, business and other government organisations implement elements of the former federal government’s Northern Strategy. When re-establishing defence contracts in the UK, he stressed that key issues lie in being able to tailor contracts to the local market. This is a key issue as defence equipment is not just built for export. It can be used in a domestic market, and it’s vital that the equipment can be bought locally if that is possible. As well, it must be able to continue to serve the community in which it was designed and developed.

Norstrat has been successful in helping clients create business opportunities through procurement of equipment through the purchase of components, as well as training programs. Its role in training local Canadian trade and technical professionals helps them to develop the skills needed to get their businesses off the ground. It provides them with the ability to source components locally for components such as communication systems. It can also provide them with the ability to source products from Canada which may not have been otherwise available.

Norstrat Consulting Services specializes in consulting on the installation and integration of security systems. In the case of a corporation, it can include procurement, sales, installation and training, maintenance, and other related services. Many corporations contract with Norstrat to provide and install intrusion detection systems, CCTV surveillance, and other forms of physical security measures.

The Canadian government is pleased with the work Norstrat and the Canadian Association of Security Engineers does. The two organizations work closely with Canadian and international business leaders to strengthen the economy and promote environmental stewardship. The association with Canadian business leaders continues even today. Norstrat offers consulting services to the public health officials of both the federal and provincial/territorial governments. The consulting service that Norstrat provides to the health authorities focuses on three key areas of public health: physical safety and health, environmental management, and risk assessment and planning. A significant portion of each year’s budget goes into the service and the organization is continually striving to improve its standards.

Not only do they focus on providing consulting services to the health care industry, they also provide a wide range of other consulting solutions to the public sector. There are many projects that Norstrat has been involved in assisting Canadian government leaders with. Among these projects are implementation of the National Energy Act (EEIA), the Integrated Strategic Operating Strategy for Health (ISOH), the Enhanced Security Management Program (ESMP), the Public Health Processes and Systems modernization programs, and strategic initiatives for workplace health. These are just some of the projects that Norstrat has undertaken helping improve the performance of Canadian government, increase the productivity and quality of Canadian businesses and improve the health and safety of Canadians.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering specialized consulting solutions to various sectors of the business and non-profit organizations, many would say that Norstrat Consulting is Canada’s premier consultancy firm. This is why there is such a demand for information technology consulting services by Canadian business and government leaders. The need for such services is no different in other parts of the world.

In fact, many business leaders who are looking to cut costs in the current economic downturn are also finding it necessary to hire a consultant that offers integrated strategic consulting services in order to ensure that the corporate budget is not unnecessarily disrupted. With regards to the Canadian government, this type of consulting services are especially important given the ongoing challenges that northern business leaders face. These include issues such as health care delivery, infrastructure development, procurement, communications, and productivity.

A Canadian company that offers integrated strategic consulting services such as norstrat would be able to provide these services at a very competitive cost compared to some of its competitors in the global market. The cost is therefore definitely something that should be considered. Furthermore, the growing importance of information technology and communication technology in modern times makes it all the more important to address these issues as soon as possible. Indeed, the challenges faced by northern business leaders needn’t be an insurmountable obstacle for the country’s most successful companies.

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