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People Staying In Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for the magnificent hotels and resorts the country has. It wouldn’t be on the list of top honeymoon locations in the world if it didn’t have such extravagant facilities and amenities. You can enjoy your stay region by region with the perfect accommodations matching your tastes. You can decide to stay in a classy and luxurious hotel, in an ecolodge, or perhaps choose an inclusive resort.

Hotels To Suit Any Budget

There are several Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels suiting any budget that you have. From fancy hotels to budget-saving cabins, they all have that. You simply need to make reservations during the dry season from December to April, to keep away from the hassle and inconvenience. Moreover, you will be sure that you have room to stay, upon your arrival in the country; as during this time of the year, there are a lot of holidays. Simply put there will be a lot of tourists too.

Check Out Destinations to Visit

You should also check out the destinations you’ll like to explore during your vacation. Your fancied Costa Rica vacation spots should not be too far off from the hotel you have selected; so the time spent on travelling will be less, and you’ll have enough time to relax and enjoy every moment in the country.

Luxury Boutique Hotels

Luxury Vacation Rentals are quickly becoming a strong competitor to traditional hotels. The new wave of tourists tends to stay in a private vacation homes with an ocean view, especially if traveling in groups of three people or more. Moreover, there are couples and single visitors choosing vacation rentals to enjoy extra space and amenities.

Vacationers choose to stay in boutique Santa Teresa Costa Rica hotels because these places offer a lot more space than they would find in the typical hotel room, often at a reduced cost. Now, families and groups can holiday together and still have room to breathe. These luxury vacation homes offer great flexibility.

Unlike a typical hotel room, private vacation rentals include laundry and kitchen facilities. Simply saying, guests need not pull around tons of luggage or eat out at every meal.

Many vacation homes in Costa Rica are quite often used by their owners and therefore, they are not like the typical “cookie cutter” environment of traditional hotels and other vacation establishments. No one gives a property more attention and detail than its owner. In order to choose a rental, travellers can contact owners or property management companies. Typically, these are second homes and the owners live far away.

The Bottom Line

Costa Rica is an adventure paradise for outdoor lovers, offering gorgeous beaches, tropical rainforests, and thrilling activities like ziplining, rafting, and more. But, before you plan the fun activities you’ll partake in on your holiday, it’s important to book a place to stay that enables you to experience the best of Costa Rica, from straight outside the front door of your luxury vacation rental.

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