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Top Reasons Why Organic Skincare Products Are Better

When choosing our food, natural and organic choices and lifestyles are very meaningful. Every time we eat, our digestive system breaks down the food, and the liver removes harmful toxins. However, when we apply something on the skin, up to 60% of synthetic chemicals enter the blood and accumulate in our body.

It makes sense to use chemical-free products (natural and organic) in our skin care routine. Think about all the products we use every day that comes into contact with the skin: cosmetics, perfumes, moisturizers, soaps, deodorants, etc. What matters is not only what we eat, but also what we put on our skin!

Certified organic skin care products can cleanse, condition, exfoliate and moisturize your skin without using any of these harmful artificial chemicals or additives. However, this is not all. Your skin is the largest living body and respiratory organ in your body. Up to 60% of the substance applied to the skin is absorbed into the blood and then circulates throughout the body. But if you know what toxins are contained in non-organic skin care products, you will think twice. So, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to organic home and body products.

If you are still using non-organic products, it’s time to reconsider. Read on to learn about the benefits of organic skin care products and how they can be better for you.

Benefits of Using Organic Skin Care Products

Non-organic skin care products contain harmful ingredients and artificial synthetic chemicals such as sodium laurate, mineral oil, lauryl ether sulfate, and toxins that may be pesticide residues. Studies have also found that they may contain mineral oil, petroleum, parabens and other chemicals. Long-term use can cause skin irritation, hormonal imbalance, organic toxicity, and even cancer.

Organic skin care products are made from natural ingredients

Certified organic products are derived from plants and other natural ingredients. More importantly, these organic ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and other additives or chemicals. With it, you can ensure that your skin and body only absorb harmless real natural ingredients.

Organic products do not cause allergies

If there are no harsh chemicals, organic skin care products are unlikely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation or irritation. If an allergic reaction occurs when using organic products, it is likely to be caused by natural ingredients (such as peanuts or strawberries), which is easier to identify. Organic skin care products work best-organically grown plants contain higher levels of important antioxidant vitamins than non-organic plants. Because they are grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides, their organic ingredients are not contaminated, which is also true for the skin and body. In addition, up to 95% of the ingredients in organic skin care products are active ingredients. On the other hand, in synthetic skin care products, active ingredients only account for 5-10% of their content.

Organic is better for your skin

Synthetic ingredients found in non-organic products can work quickly, but they are also invasive and cause invisible damage. Its chemical composition can provide immediate satisfaction and obvious results, but most of them can only help you look good by smoothing out wrinkles, removing sun spots and reducing blemishes. Long-term use of these chemicals can damage and weaken your skin because your body will try to deal with these foreign substances. As a result, oxygen exchange with the skin is reduced, leading to premature aging and increasing the risk of sunburn. However, when using natural and organic skin care products, make sure you get real nutritional benefits from their ingredients. As we all know, natural organic ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, aloe vera and shea butter can soothe, nourish, moisturize and promote smooth skin. Although the effect may be slower, organic skin care products are gentle on your skin and will not harm you in the long run.

Organic home and body products are the most suited ones for health due to several different reasons. We have mentioned above some of the factors that make organic products better.

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