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What You Need to Understand About Loose Wave Hair and Deep Wave Hair.

Virgin hair extensions have become very popular among women in the past years. Manufacturers of these beauty products are producing them in variations every day. The high number of different hairpieces in the market has ended up confusing some women. Some of the popular hair among women are loose wave hair and deep wave hair.

Although the two aren’t identical, some women do not differentiate between the two. This confusion makes it hard to select the wig or weave that is right for you. The hair differs in length, color, and style. These two types of hair have a similar design pattern and this makes it hard for some people to distinguish between them.

Both deep wave hair and loose wave hair have a stunning look and each comes in varying versions. Only those in the hair industry can easily distinguish them. It is for this reason that we decided to analyze these hair extensions to make it easier for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Deep Wave Hair.

This is an amazing type of hair that many women are yet to distinguish from other human hair extensions. For this hair, the curls are tightly and closely packed. It is a great piece for women who love voluminous hair that offers a natural look.

Deep wave hair blends naturally with your hair despite its texture. With proper maintenance, this hair can serve you for a year or more. The hair is shiny and is made to give you natural fullness. The most amazing thing about this hair is that it has beautifully designed curls.

The high-quality human hair doesn’t tangle and is identical to your natural hair. To make a change on your head, this hair allows you to dye or bleach it without losing its original beauty.

Being voluminous means that this hair will give you a youthful appearance. Naturally, most young women have fuller hair compared to their senior counterparts. Their hair is usually strong and healthy just like the human hair deep wave hair.

Maintaining this hair is also extremely simple. You only need to wash it whenever it’s dirty. Otherwise, you can use it for several weeks without maintenance because the curls remain even after wearing it severally.

Another reason why women love this hair is due to its natural blending nature. Women with varied hair textures can use this hair because it is a perfect fit for both straight and curled, or wavy hair textures. Otherwise, what we need most is achieving a different but beautiful look and having a fuller head.

Loose Wave Hair.

The main feature of this hair is the compressed “S” pattern that is clear and hangs down the entire hair bundle you purchase. Because the bundles are manufactured from human hair, they have a natural shine and appear luxurious when worn by any woman. The best loose wave hair bundles are the most preferred if you want to achieve an outstanding appearance.

Don’t confuse this hair with body wave hair. It’s paramount to note that loose wave hair has tighter curls than the body wave wigs and weaves. Again, the loose wave hair is moderately wavy and therefore we can’t categorize it as straight. In this design, it has an exceptionally natural look. It is a great piece for women who love fluffy hair on their heads.

Loose wave hair is the best if you want to have a sexy look on your special day. In most cases, loose wave human hair wigs have proven to be durable than most other wigs or weave in the market.

Caring for Your Hair Bundles.

Whichever wig pleases you, proper care and maintenance are paramount to achieve your intended look for many days using the same hair bundle. Unfortunately, many people think that washing a hairpiece is all you need to maintain it in a good condition. However, this isn’t right. Let’s look at some common ways of maintaining loose wave and deep wave hair:

1.      Washing.

As we’ve said earlier, this is the most popular maintenance procedure for any hairpiece. Washing requires some clean lukewarm water and shampoo. The main reason to clean your hair is to remove dust particles that stick on the hair. When washing these extensions, you should use your bare hands to avoid destroying the hair pattern. After washing and rinsing the hair, you should dry it under a shade. Drying it in the sun causes shedding to the hair and makes it tangle.

2.      Bleaching or Dying.

Whenever you come across hair that is genuinely 100% from human beings, it means it can be bleached or dyed. Although the processes could be tricky for very curly hair patterns, it’s still manageable by experienced hairstylists. Only an experienced person should perform these procedures because it’s possible to completely damage your hair. In some cases, the hair might permanently lose its original wavy appearance after bleaching.

3.      Brushing.

This is where most women me up to their human hair extensions. If you brush or comb the loose wave or deep wave hairpiece using the wrong brushes or combs, you’ll damage it. Any time you need to comb or brush them, you should acquire the recommended tools. Contrary to this will see your hair losing its curls and shedding. At this point, the hair won’t serve its purpose because it won’t have a natural hair appearance. Wearing such hair will give you a ‘bad hair day’ despite the style you apply.


We’ve seen the difference between loose wave hair and deep wave hair. This is important for anyone who was getting confused by these two types of hair. Although both sophisticated human hair bundles will make your friends ‘sing’ you, you need to pick the one that serves you better.

Because they are also varied in terms of color, length, or any other vital aspects, you need to critically analyze your needs before getting to a beauty shop. You should also factor in your budget but don’t compromise on the quality of hair you take home. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of “cheap is expensive.”

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