4 Free Plagiarism Checker Tool To Ensure Your Content Is Original

Plagiarism checker tools

Plagiarized content refers to copied work or viewpoints of another individual without their permission. It means not crediting the original writer but posting their work as yours. In such cases, the person who commits this act may face severe consequences in both the online and academic worlds. We are sure you do not want it. Therefore, irrespective of whether you are a blogger, author, or student, save yourself from such an alarming situation. Wondering how? Scanning your content through free plagiarism tools is the way to go.

Such software can efficiently detect and help you identify the copied sentences. Amending them and rechecking your writing through the detecting application will help ensure your paper is original. And that you are safe from the punishment of data theft. Moreover, the good news is that even the top copy-detecting tools are free of cost.

4 Best Free Plagiarism Tools To Check In 2023

This post will let you discover the four free plagiarism checker tools that you can use to ensure your content is original.

Dupli Checker

We are starting our list with one of the most efficient plagiarism checker-free tools – Dupli Checker. Though it has no eye-alluring interface, it pulls off its job pretty well. If you offer a research writing service to your clients, attaching a file of 100% plagiarism-free content will increase your authenticity.


  • The top advantage of Dupli Checker is that you do not have to pay anything to use it. Whether you use it once or multiple times throughout the day regularly, you don’t have to spend even a single dime. Whatsoever, the subscription is completely free of cost
  • It has the most basic interface, which makes it easier for the user to use it even if it is your first time
  • Duplichecker has two methods for inserting documents into the system. The first – copy and paste the data in the field while uploading a Doc or text file is the second option
  • If you own a content creation company and require frequent usage of Duplichecker, sign up for free. This way, you can access to detector 50 times a day


  • If you do not sign yourself up in Duplichecker, your limitation for usage is up to one time

Charges & Packages:

So far, there is no paid version available for Duplichecker.

Plagiarism Checker

Here comes a user-friendly, essential, yet impressively functional tool for detecting plagiarized content. Besides, if you don’t trust these programs and are ready to pay for an assignment, outsource it to any leading service provider.


  • A prominent advantage of this software is its detailed guidelines that offer a step-by-step approach to how to use it
  • Its outstanding feature allows you to check whether anyone else has posted your blog or article as theirs. For this, click on the ‘for authors’ option to check the results, and you will get a notification by email
  • You do not have to download any application on your computer or phone before using it


This tool is only usable if you use it through Yahoo or Google browser. It doesn’t support any other browser like Explorer

Charges & Packages:

It is free of charge.


PaperRater is in use in more than 140 countries worldwide for many purposes.


  • PaperRater is a one-person army. It performs three prominent features: proofreading and grammar checking, plagiarized content checking and vocabulary builder
  • It offers accurate results within a blink of an eye
  • Computational and subject matter experts have developed PaperRater. Therefore it performs every function efficiently


  • Unfortunately, PaperRater does not allow you to save any file. So, if attaching a report of your scanned content is a must for you, look for other options

Charges & Packages

It has two plans for pricing:

  • Basic: allows submissions for up to five pages, grammar and spell checking, plus writing suggestions are all free
  • Premium: It charges $7,95 per month, while $95,40 annually. You get all the above features, a better proofreading factor, no ads, the fastest speed, and file downloading. This option is suitable for professional writers who offer Ireland Assignment Help. It will help them deliver 100% genuine paper to their clients


Plagiarisma is an essential, user-friendly, and versatile tool that can detect copied sentences. It is popular with students, teachers, writers, and bloggers.


  • You get innumerable options for inserting content and downloading the file, such as TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2, PDB
  • You can use it in any lingo of your desire as it supports more than 190 languages
  • Plagiarisma is usable through Firefox and Chrome extensions


  • It allows a limited number of checks in the free version

Charges & Packages:

The free version offers all the mentioned benefits, while you get an upgrade by signing up. However, multiple paid versions range from $5 to $25, depending on duration and features.

The Bottom Line

You should not take plagiarized content as a joke, as it can lead to severe consequences irrespective of whether a student or a writer. Thus, we acquainted you with a quick guide regarding the four free plagiarism checker tools to ensure your paper is original. Select any option from the above list and stay safe from harsh punishment.

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