5 Best Documentaries You Can Watch As A History Buff


We, all history buffs, are probably the kind that most people do not understand.

How can you like history?

This is a question which we are often asked, and we are not ashamed to tell this; yes, we are the kind who loved history lessons and doing deep dives into how the ancient Romans or the Egyptians lived.

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter whether we have probably read everything there is to learn about the lives of Octavious Caesar; we still want to know more. With this, let us come to the part where we talk about the contents of the excerpt below.

Along with reading, we also love to watch documentaries which can help us better understand and explore. However, oftentimes we hear names of certain documentaries, but either they do not satisfy us, or we are facing trouble finding them.

Do not worry; in this excerpt below, we will be talking about the best documentaries to watch this weekend if you are a history buff.

Where To Watch Them!

Along with the quality, availability is also an issue that many face. We doubt you will get these documentaries on the on-demand platforms, no matter how many you download or how much you pay for.

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1. Five Came Back

Let us start with something very significant in the history of the world. Something which wouldn’t even require us to go too far back down the lane.

Yes, I am talking about World War II. The more you learn about this devastating affair in the middle of the 20th century, the more curious you get.

This film commences with five contemporary directors speaking about five other legendary filmmakers who were documenting the film in the distressing years. This is an excellent showpiece if you wish to see world II from a filmmaker’s perspective.

2. Jericho – First City Of The Earth

Now, going back to the ultra ancient time. There are times when we history buffs just want to know how this whole civilization came into being. The whole concept of cities, administrations, kings and queens, etc.

What better way to learn about all these things than by seeing one of the best documentaries on how the first city Jericho came into being. This documentary portrays the rise and fall of the city as explained from the point of archaeologists still discovering the ruins.

3. The End Of Superpower – The Collapse Of the Soviet Union

“The final act commenced on August 18, 1991. 4.50 PM, it was a Sunday.”

Again one of the best political picks shows how the strongest and mighty world power of a country simply ceased to exist. Divided into 15 fragments of independent states now.

It is all about the beginning of the end with this one!

4. The Greenland Vikings – Land Of The Midnight Sun

Vikings are probably one of the most notoriously known European settlers, and if you are a fan of the show ‘Vikings’ as well, your curiosity will have to halt.

So, embark upon this journey which the host Paul Cooper takes us, and it is all about understanding how the Vikings were able to perceive some of the harshest times of the world.

This show takes us down the lane of them settling in the land of ‘The midnight sun,’ i.e., pu=our very own Norway.

5. The History Of Steppe Nomads & City Builders

We are sealing the deal with one of the best historical documentaries you can find. It is not just one civilization or one incident; this show is the history of mankind itself.

It shows the ongoing battle between civilizers and the barbarians, also known as nomads. You will go through the adventure of different civilizations and how they rose and fell throughout the time period until the last century.

Trip In The Time Machine!

Yes, we are well aware that scientists are yet to give us more insights into the invention of the time machine, but our very own history documentaries are a close miniature of the machine.

So, cozy up and start downloading, as this weekend you will be visiting another civilization of another time.