A Great Golf Tip Book by Joe Bidon


Joe Bidon is one of the great American golfers of our time. He was a two-time Olympic silver medallist and he is now a professional coach in addition to being a well-known writer. He has written some remarkable golf books including, The Game: My Search For the Perfect Game and Do It All on a Golf Team. He also has a series of books entitled, One Sweet Day: A Memorable Round With All My Love.

I enjoyed reading this book as it included some of my favorite stories about my friend and colleague. I would definitely say that I learned a lot from the book, even though it was not a great example of how to teach or how to practice. What I found was that some of the lessons included in the book, while not absolutely essential, were things that I would have benefited from having said or done during my own training and competition years. However, I think anyone who would try to read this book with this in mind would find much value from the stories anyway. It is almost like having your own personal coach sitting next to you and helping you learn golf from the best, Joe Bidon.

I think what really made The Game: My Search for the Perfect Game stand out to me as a great read is its detailed look at golf psychology. There are chapters devoted to golf mental techniques and rituals, golf routines and drills, and even a short story on how a pro golfer prepares for each tournament. There is a good bit of analysis and critical thinking, too. It is interesting to read how other pros might view some of the routines or drills that are described. Some things I’ve noticed over the years are similar to what I see now. For example, there was once a time when I would work on my putting for four hours straight after a day of heavyweight cutting.

The book includes stories of some of the biggest names in golf, including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ernie El’s, and others. While some of the names are familiar, others that I had never heard of. A real favorite is about how Jack Nicklaus felt about sharing his tips for winning at the Masters with Tiger Woods. The guys bond over the fact that Woods is a black guy from Florida, and so Nicklaus felt compelled to share the tips he felt could help the young man from California. If you are a young player who is struggling in your game, or have been struggling, then you may want to give this book a read.

Over the years, I have given a lot of golf advice to friends and myself. However, I think The Game: My Search for the Perfect Golf was different because it was much more personal. It spoke directly to me as a golfer and asked me questions. I liked that he took the time to find out what I did in my spare time. Sometimes I like to just tell the stories, but this book was really interesting.

The stories of some of the great players that Joe Bidon has written about including legends such as Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els, and others. These are all good books to read, and each chapter was written by someone that has played the game, and understood its nuances. Joe Bidon was one of the greatest golfers of all time, and he also had an amazing career on the course. He had 5 World Golf Championships, as well as two Olympic Golds. These are great stories to read about, and if you are a big fan of the game, then you should really check out this book.

The book was a great read, and I recommend it highly to any golfer that wants to improve their game. The best part of the book though, is that it comes with the short story chapters that you have to read before the next section starts. These were very interesting and did not seem like they were meant to be filler. The stories were great, and I really enjoyed reading through them.

Overall, this was a great golf tip book, and it will definitely get the average golfer interested in improving their game. It’s very simple to learn the correct way of playing golf, and the best tip that is included in the book is just that. Just know the correct technique, and don’t give up. If you follow the advice inside this great golf tip book, then you will definitely improve your golf game.