Adopting A German Shepherd: What You Need To Know Before Bringing One Home?

Adopting A German Shepherd

No matter whether it is the common black-and-tan German shepherd or the uniquely colored Blue German shepherd, they surely need careful attention and training. However, once your German shepherd is well-trained and happy, you will be able to create some of the best memories. It is not an exaggeration that the German shepherd is actually the best dog to have.

Things You Need To Know Before Bringing Home A German Shepherd

German shepherds are loyal, funny, and loving, and on the other hand, they are wise and clever and can be extremely protective of you. If you are hoping to bring home a German shepherd, there are many important points you need to take care of. Here are the most important things you need to know if you are planning to get a German shepherd:

1. German Shepherd Puppies Need Maintenance

German shepherd puppies need a lot of training, and they are extremely curious. Furthermore, you will also need to teach them continuously what is the right thing to do and what is wrong. Also, they like to chew and puppy-bite everything that moves. So prepare yourself to see bite marks on your personal belongings as well.

2. Always Keep Them Among People

Socialization of the German shepherd is extremely important. The more your German shepherd stays among people, the better, as it will be friendlier. You need to keep your dog among people to fulfill its curiosity.

3. German Shepherd Require Activities

German shepherd needs to stay active since it is an active dog by form. You need to ensure that your German shepherd gets proper training and play from time to time. They also need a large space to play.

4. They Are Bored Easily

You need to do a lot of work to engage your German shepherd in different activities. A bored German shepherd can easily turn to mischief and can get to places where it is not supposed to go. However, if you give them more time and attention, their focus will be on you.

5. Having A German Shepherds Is A Lot Of Expense

Although German shepherd is expensive to buy in the first place, they are also quite expensive to maintain. There are expenses related to training, proper feeding, toys, health, etc. Maintaining a German shepherd properly is equal to if not more than, that of the cost of living of a human being.

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6. German Shepherd Shed A Lot

German shepherds shed twice a year and can shed all year round. If you want to keep the quantity of fur down, you will need to brush your pet at least three days a week. Even then, you will find furs throughout your home. If you like super-clean floors, prepare to get annoyed.

7. Lot Of Investments In Toys

Since German shepherds love to play, you will have to make a lot of investments in toys. Even the toys will not last long, as they like to bite and chew toys, and they are incredible chewers with a strong bite force. If you want to play with them, they will share their toys with you.

8. German Shepherds Love To Prey

German shepherds are prey dogs, and they love to chase things and other animals. The ‘shepherd’ name suggests that they are meant for herding. They also get along quite well with small pets, whom they like to chase often, playfully. But check beforehand whether your dog really likes the other pet or not.

9. German Shepherds Are Fearless And Love New Activities

German shepherds do not fear or shy away from trying out new things and activities. They love having fun and are quite fearless about adventure. They love to spend time with family outside the home, go on rides in a car, and even go on a hike with the owner if possible.

10. German Shepherds Are The Most Loyal

Every dog is loyal to you, but the German shepherd is considered one of the most loyal breeds. They love to protect and please the ones they love. They are really protective and love to watch over the family it belongs to. In playful situations, German shepherds are the best companions to have.

Final Thoughts

Realistically speaking, having a German shepherd is a lot of work and a lot of expense. If you are planning to bring home a German shepherd, it is great. But you must also be willing to ensure the aforementioned aspects. The German shepherd needs to be playful and active, which is important for its own health. Hence, you will need to make sure that your German shepherd eats well, plays well, socializes with humans as well as other dogs, and is also active. What made you think about bringing home a German shepherd dog? Share your story with us in the comments section below.