Become a Parent with Surrogacy in the Netherlands and How to Choose a Valid Agency



Chiefly, if you live in the Netherlands, then Surrogacy is the safest way to grow your family in the United States. Mainly, a surrogacy leihmutter niederlande is prohibited, and that’s why we take the whole procedure in the United States by following all the legal laws. On the contrary, the Feskov agency is working in the United States that has made a record of bringing more than 10,000 babies in the world with the successful process of Surrogacy, egg donation, and many more. 

In this sense, you can say that our specialists are there to turn your dreams into reality. In summary, we are here to give a brief explanation about the Surrogacy in the Netherlands and services rendered by the Feskov agency in this regard. 

Become parents in the Netherlands with Feskov agency: 

After high progress in the medical field, even today, some methods fail to perform their functions in securing the embryo in the ovary. Thereby, most of the treatments are powerless and infertile couples have to live without having any baby. Although these powerless methods are still in use, Feskov is the only agency in the world that makes the biggest record in this regard. 

The only solution to avoid all the useless treatments is Surrogacy if you live in the Netherlands. However, it may be unbelievable to learn that more than 10,000 babies are born with legal and secure services. Well, the statement is 100% true. On the contrary, it is not wrong to say that the services of Surrogacy are not easily available, and people have to move to other countries to exceed the process

Although Surrogacy is also not allowed in the Netherlands, we make it easy for you. For instance, the whole processor of Surrogacy will take place in the United States for the creation and normal growth of the embryo. Besides this, we will give a consultation meeting with you first, in which we will talk about why you need a surrogate and vice versa. Here, you don’t need to pay for consultation meetings because it is completely free for the parents of the Netherlands. 

Undoubtedly, parents of the Netherlands have to make a lot of effort to complete the procedure. Additionally, when the baby is born, you have to stay in the United States for some time until you get a birth certificate and traveling passport. The amount you have to spend in the United States varies depending on the nature of the surrogacy procedure. 

How to choose a valid agency for Surrogacy: 

To choose the best agency for Surrogacy, you must go through all the agency’s services to the customers. As there are many agencies for Surrogacy to choose from, the easiest way to choose any agency is to determine how successful it is and read the overall record of that particular agency. 

In this regard, we are here with the following factors that will surely help you choose that suitable agency for you. 

  • Experience of the agency. 
  • Ensures legal expertise. 
  • A successful record. 
  • Prices are according to our budget. 

Besides these factors, you can also check the one that is nearest to you. On the contrary, check the history and the total number of surrogacy cases completed by the agency. 


Well, you can go for an agency, but Feskov is offering everything that you need. Besides this, we are also offering a flexible consultation schedule for Surrogacy in the Netherlands. You can meet with your parent’s intake and discuss everything without cost. So, we are here to give you the greatest experience with your baby.