Best Ways to Keep Your Lawn Green and Fresh

Mother and daughter planting together in garden

Part of someone’s dream house is the perfect lawn. Having clean-cut green grass welcoming guests and family has become a goal of sorts for people with a big house. It can be tedious to maintain, but it’s a sacrifice made to preserve the beauty of one’s home. It takes more than just simply watering and mowing the grass. Having the perfect grass to go along with the neighborhood takes effort and investment too. You have to be well-informed about what your lawn needs without having to burn a hole in your pockets.

It’s best to use fertilizer so that your plants can breathe and grow well with the nutrients it needs to achieve its color and growth. But along with a healthy soil comes insects that crave your healthy plants and grass on your lawns, and so using insect-killers would be best so they can grow well. These are the most well-known products to care for your lawn, but today, you can even use premium soil wetters to ensure that your lawn’s soil will have enough nutrients absorbed and distributed. As you may think, these are the same things you have been hearing but what changed are the products you can use to keep your lawn green and fresh.

What to Use to Maintain Your Lawn’s Vigor

There are multiple combinations that can be done with the different things you use for nurturing your lawn. With the creative and young minds today, there are now various products that meet the needs of your lawn and your principles. Such as the company Betta Turf. They provide products and services to achieve that dream lawn or garden you have always wanted. Here are some of the Betta Turf Lawn Care Products you can purchase to begin your lawn maintenance:

  • New and Improved Premium Blend Slow Release Fertilizer
  • Turf Start
  • New and Improved Ironman Foliar Fertilizer
  • Aqua Force
  • Biagra
  • Complete Insect Control
  • Bin-Die Killer
  • Wintergrass Killer

With Betta Turf Lawn Care products, it will be so much easier in keeping your lawn fresh and green regularly. As you can see from the aforementioned products, they have constructed products that will address your concerns for your lawn. As Australia’s weather can be quite dry and water is a necessity for humans and plants, Betta Turf provides you with Aqua Force, their premium soil wetter, so your soil can distribute the water better and become an adequate home for your grass. Add their new and improved Premium Blend Slow Release Fertilizer or their new and improved Ironman Foliar Fertilizer in the mix, and your lawn will be more green and fresh than you can imagine. You can use any of these products alone for the maintenance of your lawn, but using more together, the merrier.

Why Should You Use Products on Your Lawn

Watering and mowing is a good start, but definitely not enough to maintain an eye-catching lawn.  We have all seen signs such as “Do not step on the grass” on multiple occasions, which is an indication of just how much work is put in on lawns. Believe it or not, lawns have become a symbol of social status wherein even its color affects a person’s impression on you as its owner too. You may be worried about its effect on you and your family, but unlike before, products such as Betta Turf’s Lawn Care Products, are safe enough that kids can run around and lie on them. So don’t be afraid of using fertilizers and insect killers on your lawn, they are made for you and your lawn. Check out Betta Turf’s products now and achieve that green and fresh lawn today.