Can You Customize and Make 2 Venn Diagrams?


It is often easier for people to visualize information in a graphical format vs. trying to grasp a spreadsheet or a list of numbers. This is why visual representations of data sets such as bar graphs, pie charts, and Venn diagrams are so popular.

You’ve probably learned about these concepts when you were in school but you might not have realized how useful they can be for conveying information in your professional and even your personal life. Using graphical representations allows you to more easily convey useful information. Visually attractive images also appeal to prospective clients more than text data.

What is a Venn diagram?

Venn diagrams can be simple or complex. While any shape may be used, circles are most common. Venn diagrams are most often used to quantify similarities and differences in data sets.

For example, a Venn diagram comparing bananas to lemons might list bananas as having the following traits:

  • Yellow color
  • Fruit
  • Sweet
  • Smooth skinned
  • Not juicy

For lemons, the following traits might be listed:

  • Yellow color
  • Fruit
  • Tart
  • Bumpy skinned
  • Juicy

To draw a Venn diagram of the two, you’d draw one circle for the banana and one for the lemon. The circles would overlap and the traits that would be in the overlapped area would be that both are yellow colored and fruits. The other traits would be placed in the areas of the circles that do not overlap.

This is the simplest type of Venn diagram and can be easily created using pen and paper. However, there are software tools to help you create a Venn diagram.

Using software to create multiple Venn diagrams

Software packages make creating Venn diagrams easy. In fact, you can easily create two or more Venn diagrams with a variety of packages.

One great product is Adobe Express. It is a free online tool that allows you to choose among several professionally designed templates. You can customize the template(s) of your choice by using color and adding text.

It is easy to use this product to create and edit your Venn diagrams so you can include them in presentations or use them for printed flyers. You can even create animations and videos.

Another software package that can be used is Microsoft Excel. To create a Venn diagram in Excel, you proceed the same way as you would when creating any other type of graph or chart in the spreadsheet program.

You could use the Smart Art option of Excel which gives access to templates and provides easy ways to customize your graphics. Another option is simply to use the Shapes function, which allows you a great deal of flexibility.

Finally, there is Design Hill’s Venn diagram maker. It allows you to create a Venn diagram in just minutes. This makes it easy to create two or more such diagrams very rapidly.

While some tools may take longer to create the Venn diagram you desire, each of these tools can be used to design visually appealing and informative graphics that can add value to business presentations, reports, and even flyers and YouTube videos.