Common Essay Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Essay Writing Help

Essay writing is not as simple as you would think. This is why essay writing is a staple of the educational experience across all grade levels; developing proficiency in this area requires time and effort. The truth is that every writer, no matter how skilled they may be, needs to go through an editing process. Since essays are the most common type of schoolwork, how well you write them can have a significant impact on your final grade. Keeping this in mind, we’d like to brief you on the most typical essay writing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Essay Writing- Most Common Errors That Students Make When

Essay writing plays a significant role in a student’s educational experience. Essay writing can be difficult even for pupils who have studied the fundamentals. Although there is no universal formula for producing a high-quality essay, students still need to be aware of the pitfalls they can fall into. 

If you know what typical faults to watch out for while you write, you may greatly increase the quality of your essays. Here are the 10 most common errors made by students writing essays and suggestions for avoiding them. 

Mistakes in grammar

Correct grammar usage is crucial in the academic essay. Your essay will come out as uninteresting and vague if you neglect to use correct language, spelling, and punctuation. Students should, therefore, edit their writings several times before turning them in. You may use an online grammar checker to rapidly review your essay after you’ve proofread it manually. A reliable grammar checker will underline all of your essay’s grammatical faults and offer helpful hints on how to improve the essay’s punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.


In order to make the required word count for an essay, students frequently resort to recycling old arguments and concepts. This demonstrates that you have not done adequate background reading on the issue and that you are at a loss on how to justify your position. Words and phrases are repeated often by certain kids. This makes your essay unfocused, and you risk getting worse grades because of it. Make sure to read your essay over and over again to catch any instances of repetition. You may find and replace meaningless words and phrases with the help of online grammar checker tools.

A passive voice

A common problem in student writing is the use of passive voice. The use of passive voice is intuitive and indirect. Because of this, the sentences become quite lengthy, which is likely to cause readers’ confusion. Use an active voice, which is stronger and more direct than the passive one. While there may be a few instances where the passive voice is appropriate, you should try to keep it to a minimum. Examine your writing once again for opportunities to cut back on passive voice and make it more direct, dynamic, and interesting for the reader.

There are no new ideas

The reader of your article may struggle to understand your views if you just present data without providing context. Remember to provide a brief analysis of any data, facts, quotes, or ideas you use in your essay. Maintain coherence in your analysis and presentation of the data. This will aid the reader’s comprehension of the material. Your essay will stand out from the crowd even more if you add your own spin on familiar facts. 

Improper introduction 

The essay’s beginning paragraph should include a clear description of the paper’s central argument, or thesis. The first paragraph of an essay is crucial since it tells the reader whether or not to continue reading. Write a thesis statement that is both specific and exciting to make your essay stand out. The introduction should finish with your thesis statement. In this way, the essay’s introductory paragraph and major body can share a coherent progression of ideas. 

Concluding Reiteration 

Reiterating your introduction in the final paragraph might hurt your grade. You should summarise your findings in the final paragraph. To help readers evaluate your findings, you might repeat your argument. Questions, extra implications, or fascinating information that leaves the reader with fresh thoughts are all components of an effective ending. 

Inability to think critically and evaluate situations

One of the most typical essay writing blunders is a failure to critically think about and evaluate the subject matter. Insufficient critical analysis of the essay’s content is a common failing among students. Because of this, the results are skewed, and the quality of the essay suffers. To avoid this, incorporate thoughts and evidence that raise doubt into your article and consider alternative interpretations of the data. Accessing information from many sources and examining the facts is a simple method to include critical thinking.

No revisions

You may be tempted to skip the editing process after spending so much effort on the research and writing phases of your essay. If you turn in an essay without first reviewing, amending, and editing it, you risk getting a worse grade. Take a little pause after finishing the draught and then go on to the editing phase of the essay. If you edit the essay after giving yourself some distance, you’ll be in a better position to spot its flaws. Through editing, you can assess whether your content is well-written and organized. 

Not following college policy

The requirements for academic essays vary from school to school. Even though these standards are very standard, it is vital that you follow them to the letter for your university. The emphasis of these guidelines is on helping students pick a suitable font size, layout, and number of words. 

Your inability to follow guidelines will be highlighted if you fail to use the correct university format. You should take the time to read and comprehend the essay instructions offered by your professor. Review the course content, your notes, and the assignment criteria, and then engage in some pre-writing brainstorming. You may use Essay Writing Help to generate original thoughts and compose a compelling essay.


The most damaging error you can make while writing an essay is to plagiarize. Depending on the extent of the plagiarism, universities have varying punishments in place. Remember to provide citations and references if you’re using someone else’s work. Do not simply cut and paste text from the web. Make sure you have a firm grasp on the material to prevent plagiarizing any of your work. Use preexisting academic articles, as well as relevant books and periodicals, to research your topic. Make creative use of this data to showcase your own opinions.

Closing Remarks

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