Experts tips on buying motorbike equipment/ gears


Though riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, it has long been one of the most sought-after activities for fun and recreation. Technological advancements have brought world-class accessories and Motorbike equipment online to improve your riding experience and increase the performance of your bike.

With the increasing number of vehicles, motorbike riders need all kinds of protection- natural and unnatural. Though having the proper safety gear like frame sliders, fairing protectors, or crash bobbins is vital, often these do not come as original equipment fitted on a bike by the manufacturing company. So it means if you want to protect your bike’s engine and other internal components, you would need to get them installed.

Furthermore, you need good motorcycle gear to protect yourself from sun, wind, rain, debris, and pavement. These are all the more important! You will find a range of bike accessories and gears that varies depending on the type of motorcycle activity you prefer. Suppose you ride off-road or compete on a race-track; you need equipment designed specifically for these bike riding styles. However, purchasing the right gears can be a challenge, especially if you are new to the biker’s world. There is a gamut of options available today!

Motorcycle gears include:


Remember, wearing the ‘right’ helmet is as important as wearing a helmet. A helmet that does not snug your head correctly or has sufficient cushioning gives you a false sense of safety; it cannot provide you the level of protection you need. There are three basic types of helmets available today- full face (offers full coverage around your head and look), ¾ helmet (lacks facial coverage), and ½ helmet (covers only the top of your head). You can choose according to the road activity you prefer and the type of protection you need.

Leather Gloves

A second most important piece of bike gear for motorcycle riders is gloves, though they are not given the importance they deserve. Leather is the most recommended material option when it comes to bike gloves. In the event of a fall, you are likely to put your hand out to protect yourself as a natural reaction. But if you don’t have anything covering your hands, you can damage your skin and break bones and even fingers.

Motorcycle Jacket and pant

From leather to synthetics, many materials are available that make up the right choice by offering you coveted protection, style, and functionality. No matter how long you travel on your bike or what’s the weather condition, a motorcycle jacket and pants are a must-have. The road is no less than a big belt sander. Maybe at present, you may think that these are costly affairs that you can avoid, but you will thank these apparels when you will slide along the pavement as they protect your skin from tearing off your body.

Over the ankle boots

Motorbike boots need to be above the ankle length and come with a grippy sole so that they protect your ankles. Further, it would be better to buy boots that fasten with VELCRO or buckles as the laces can come undone and catch on footpegs.


Additional tips on buying Motobike equipment online.
  • Try it on, then sit on your bike. This is recommended when buying jackets and pants because it will give you a more realistic feel.
  • Never buy used motorbike gear, especially a helmet.
  • ATGATT- All the gear all the time. Always keep it in mind.
  • Always purchase bike gears that make you more visible. For example- you can go for a hi-visibility vest.

I hope this article will help you find the right Motorbike equipment online that keeps you safe in a crash and comfortable in all weather conditions.