Has Social Media Become a Common Cause for Divorces in Columbus?


According to a recent study, social media has become an increasingly common cause of divorce in Columbus. The study revealed how couples communicate and share information online, which can lead to tension between them and potentially result in emotional abuse or infidelity. Now that marriage is becoming more complicated than ever before and with divorce rates at a record high,  experts are beginning to recommend restricting one’s social media use to prevent future problems within the household.

According to a divorce attorney in Columbus, social media is a factor that plays a significant role in many couples’ marriages. Simply stated, communication has become increasingly more difficult due to the quick access to information provided through competing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and dating sites. This leads to arguments and misunderstandings, which ultimately result in hurt feelings and divorce.

How to Control Social Media Use to Reduce the Risk of Divorce?

  1. Make time for face-to-face conversation

Technology and social media can be useful tools, but they should never replace face-to-face conversations. If a married couple is spending too much time communicating with each other through technology, they risk taking each other for granted. It is important to put down the cell phone and connect in person by going out on a date or a picnic.

  1. Pay attention to how much time you use social media

There are countless sites and apps on the internet designed to help reduce stress and boost productivity. While these tools can certainly be useful, too much involvement can result in stress, which is a leading trigger for divorce. If you are spending a lot of time on social media, then it is important to spend more time on personal interactions with your spouse or significant other to nurture your relationship and stay away from conflicts.

  1. Ask each other about how media use affects your relationship

It is important to have an honest conversation about how your relationship is being affected by your use of social media. Frequent conversations can help strengthen the bond between you two and prevent issues from arising in the future. An honest conversation will also help you take preventative measures to stop any problems before they happen.

  1. Establish media-free zones

If you are constantly connected to your cell phone and have no privacy, then it is time to disconnect. Do not allow your device to become the center of your life, instead focus on your loved ones, nature, and other activities. Make sure each of these aspects is at the forefront of your life and that you are never neglecting them by neglecting yourself.