How to Create Custom Challenge Coins for Your Organization


Challenge coins have a rich military history and are highly valued by those who earned these coins during the service. Probably more popular among military personnel, Challenge Coins are also common in EMS services, fraternity, and even the civil culture of corporate structures.

Whether you’re creating custom coins and medals for funding, training commemoration, achievement confirmation, or promotional purposes, you can easily create your own coins through high-quality on-demand manufacturing. Before ordering, however, you need to consider the following factors.

Purpose of the Coin

Are you a commander and want to distribute high quality coins that reflect the importance of rank? Looking for a truly unique coin that stands out among the local police and fire brigade? Or are you a business leader who wants to offer a unique product to commemorate your company’s high level of training?

Each of these situations may require different styles of challenge coins. For example, most military challenge coins need to be small and light enough to fit in your pocket or key chain. On the other hand, coins designed to be purely prominent may have a unique shape or may be unusually large in size without compromising on use. Once it’s decided how to use the coin, he or she will be better able to design the coin that suits the purpose.


Are you ready to use logos, designs, photos and other artwork on Challenge Coins? If so, make sure your design or photo is of high resolution and you are ready to deliver the file to the manufacturer. Keep in mind that you may need to design both sides of the coin as well as the surface. If you don’t know the artwork yet, or don’t know how to assemble a complete double-sided coin design, work with an on-demand maker that provides design services. The best companies provide contact with designers.

Material of Construction

Challenge coins are usually made of mixed metals and are plated with the finish of your choice. When creating Challenge Coins, you need to be prepared for other material-related decisions. Want colored enamel? Would you like to plate silver, gold, brass, copper, bronze, or rose gold? Gross, antique, or brushed treatment? What kind of boundaries do you want your coins to have? Under the guidance of an expert partner, all these decisions are easy to make.


According to the coin you order, your coins can cost you anywhere between $ 2-15 per unit. If you are looking for the high quality and economic benefits of the lower end of the range, we recommend choosing an option like a 1.5-inch brass coin.

Even within this seemingly simple framework, creators have extensive artistic freedom to design truly eye-catching coins. The main indicator of price per unit is the number of coins ordered. Most standard manufacturers do not offer many options on this. Therefore, if you are manufacturing small batches or limited edition products, work with companies that have little or no minimum order quantity.

These are the factors you should keep in mind when designing custom coins and medals. The artwork is important and it must fit in your budget. Luckily, challenge coins can be made to look unique and attractive even in a low budget, so you really do not need to worry if your budget is small. You can probably still find dozens of options to choose from. So, when you are creating a challenge coin the next time, keep in mind the above pointers and make uniquely creative designs that will stand out.