Important Points You Never Overlook When Buying New Laboratory Equipment


Do you plan to set up a new lab? You may need all types of lab equipment. These are accessories, devices and gadgets that you may use every day in your lab. The equipment is essential so you can conduct lab testing exercises. The equipment may vary, depending on your needs. You have different brands manufacturing quality lab equipment. It is best to check with quality before you invest your money.

Any lab equipment is never cheap. If you compromise on price, you may also have to compromise on the quality of the equipment. Cheap quality equipment may never offer accuracy when used for the testing procedure. Before buying, you need to assure that you are investing money in quality equipment. This is never an easy task. You may need experience working with different types and grades of lab equipment. Always ensure you have only settled for tested and accurate equipment.

There are specific points that you can follow to ensure your selection is never wrong. These points are mentioned here below in the content.

Important points to consider before buying any lab equipment

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You have to take precautions before buying. You may have unlimited options available. But not all of them are best. Below mentioned tips will help you select the best laboratory equipment for your new lab.

Identify and make a list of equipment type you may need

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The first most important point is to identify your needs. You may not need all equipment in your lab. You can try and make a complete list of important equipment. These are the equipment that you will use very often. You need to be aware of your needs in advance. It is also important to consider if you may need only specific model equipment or not. Go through the QA of each piece of equipment before you make your final choice.

2. Shortlist all vendor options that you may want to go with

For the same laboratory equipment, you may always come across multiple vendors. You have to select one that you are aware of this will guarantee quality. You can also check with top vendors online. You need to match the salient features with your expectations list.

Always avoid any vendor that does not guarantee quality. This is important if you are going to use the equipment for lab testing exercise. If you need accuracy in lab testing, then you have to go with quality vendors in the market.

3. Never accept any equipment without proper demonstrations

Lab equipment can malfunction at any time. Some vendors may also sell cheap quality equipment for a high price. So you may never get the test quality and accuracy that you expect. Thus the best way is to ask the vendor to provide a demonstration of the equipment.

The demonstration is like test driving a new car. You will come to know of the performance in advance. This will also offer you peace of mind that you are investing in the right set of lab equipment.

4. Never forget to negotiate

Any vendor or seller may always have a big margin when they sell lab equipment. So the moment you are entering into a deal with them, you can always request the best discount you should expect a good discount for the equipment if you are purchasing in bulk.

You can also try and approach the dealer or the company directly. They will always be open to negotiating with you for the best price. This is important because the lab equipment is never cheap.

5. Enter into a service contract

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Most lab equipment may need regular service. If you need quality accuracy then service is important. It may be more expensive to request service if you are bonding the dealer into a service contract. You should always request for best service contract.

Any lab equipment needs proper maintenance so it can stay functional for years. do not overlook the service part.


Lab equipment is often used in most laboratories and health care centers. Hospitals and school laboratories may also need them for performing experiments. It is important that you only purchase the best equipment. Before you buy it is better to check with quality in advance. Never make any selections randomly.