The Best Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


It’s 2022 and life is becoming more and more expensive. Thanks to the pandemic, and the civil unrest in Europe and the Middle East, much of the world is entering a period of financial regression, and consumers are starting to foot the bill for rising energy costs. There is, however, some work that you can do to make your home more energy efficient and help to combat those bills.


Depending on where you are in the world will dictate the amount of insulation that your home needs to keep you warm. Making sure you have adequate insulation in both the roof and the walls can not only make your home warmer, as this material traps the heat inside the building, but it will also mean that you will not necessarily need to switch your heating on as early into the winter season as you may otherwise need to, giving you lower bills, without losing any of the comforts of a toasty home.

Solar Panels

Solar panels harness radiation from the sun and are then able to turn it into energy that can be used as electricity in the home. This will not only reduce your electricity bill from a standard supplier, but it is also a cleaner form of energy to use, meaning that not only does your home become more energy efficient, but it also has a positive impact on the environment. Solar panels can also add value to your home, with the US Department of Energy estimating that they can add as much as $15,000.

Maintain Your Roof

The condition of your roof will have an impact on the structural integrity of your entire home. Water-damaged parts can create huge problems if not rectified, such as dampness that can spread down through the walls, and rot in any wooden structure, which will influence the safety of the building itself. All these problems will then have a huge effect on the efficiency of your home in terms of energy, as you will be constantly battling against the problems caused. Using a professional and qualified company to carry out St. Louis residential roofing is a great way to combat any minor damage before it causes further problems down the line.

Adjust Your Heating Settings

A simple, yet extremely effective way to lower your bills this Winter is to look at your heating stat. Many people heat their entire homes when it’s cold, but experts suggest that a more economic way to ensure your comfort is to only heat the areas of the house in which you spend the most time. For lots of us, this will include the main communal spaces, such as the living room and kitchen, as well as bedrooms that are slept in. It is also feasible that you will be able to remain comfortable at a slightly lower temperature than you perhaps are used to, and by setting your stat to 65 degrees instead of 75, you will be sure to save on your bills over time.

These are only a few of how you can make your home more energy efficient. By making these small changes, you can rest easy knowing that even with the rising costs of energy, you are doing everything in your power to be cost-effective and comfortable this winter.

If you’re looking to enhance the overall energy efficiency of your home, consider Crawl Space Encapsulation. Proper insulation in crawl spaces can contribute significantly to maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature, ultimately reducing your energy consumption and utility costs.