Things that could go wrong while doing email marketing  


People often struggle with email marketing campaign strategy; the plausible reason could be that they are making mistakes.  

In this article, we shall look at some common mistakes while deploying email campaign marketing. 

Creating poor subject lines 

It just takes a few microseconds for a user to decide whether to open or not any email on their inbox.  

Here are the characteristics of a good subject line.  

They are short, to the point, provide value and do not trick recipients into opening, a good subject line always sounds personal, professional and avoid using all caps. 

The right way to find people email address 

You can use an email finder tool such as to locate the correct email address of a person. The tool uses Artificial intelligence and big data to locate the email format.  

It processes information such as the first name, last name, and company domain of a person to find people email address. 

Failing to use message previews 

Message preview makes prospects realize if they must further read the message. It is important that you write the first line of your emails in a way that draws maximum attention.  

Not allowing recipients to reply 

If you make it hard for or not at all allow your recipients to respond to your email asking questions, it will affect your campaign results. 

When you send email from an address like, people are more likely to not take it seriously.  

Not having a clear call-to action 

Having a prominent call-to-action is highly essential for an email campaign. Without a call-to-action, you are leaving your audience to take whatever action they want to take or take no action at all. 

Therefore, before you are creating an email, you must try to figure out what it is that you want to achieve with your email campaigns. 

Use of sales-heavy language 

When a user receives a lot of emails with similar subject lines, the chances of your email getting opened will be very less.  

Your email content may be unique and the best for you, but your recipients will consider it as just another piece of content. 

Hence, you need to make it look and sound special for your recipients. 

Neglecting mobile users 

More than seventy percent of your recipients will be reading email on their mobile phones. If you fail to optimize your emails for mobile devices, then you are missing a huge opportunity. 

Test your emails on mobile devices to ensure that they are well laid out, easy to read, the white space is generous, and images are clear. 

Relying on Images to share important messages 

If you share the valuable information using images, people who have turned off image download will not be able to view it.  

In such cases, your campaign will fail. 

Howbeit this does not mean that you cannot use images at all, you just must be cautious with how you use them. 

Concluding thoughts 

Now that we have learnt about things that could go wrong while carrying out email marketing, you can do all that needs to be done to avoid the mistakes and ensure an increased revenue.