Tips before buying a magnifying lamp


A magnifying lamp allows light to illuminate the object you are working on and make the object larger so you can see the small details. Thanks to technology and design that have evolved, you can now choose from three different lighting options.

LED, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs are on the list of options, and the choice depends on your needs and requirements. LEDs will be less bright than a fluorescent bulb, but it’s the one that lasts the longest, and you don’t have to worry about replacing the bulb. LED lighting is one of the most popular types for this reason, as people want to save energy and change bulbs as little as possible.

On the other hand, a fluorescent bulb provides a whiter, cooler light, and you can get early. Avoiding shadows can be crucial when trying to understand intricate details of a project or read text smaller than your eyes can handle without the extra lamp.

The third option is the halogen bulb. The light may appear more pleasing to the naked eye because it is warmer. But the bulb also heats up faster, so it should be handled with care. This type of lamp can also go out unexpectedly in the middle of a delicate project.

Floor or clamp lamp

Most of these lamps are either stan desk lamps or have a clamp that can be fixed to a surface. If you don’t intend to move it, choose the one with a clamp. However, a simple desk lamp will give you more flexibility to move and position it where needed. There are also floor lamps for people who want to have a little lighter when reading a book or watching TV, as it helps to preserve their eyesight. It is aimed at both young and old alike, because television or the computer strain the eyes, whatever the age.

AC or battery operation

There is also an option for a lamp that does not need to be plugged in to operate. There are battery-powered lamps, so even in the absence of electricity, you can have a light source drawing its power from a minimum of two AA batteries. A good pair of batteries will last a long time, so it’s an option worth considering when the power goes out and you need to keep working. It can become an emergency light source in attics or basements in case the usual energy source is not working at that time.

Magnification size

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the magnifying glass. Different lamps offer different stages of magnification like Mighty Scope, and the choice depends on the detail of the work and its size. Most of them have a diopter number of 3 or 5, and depending on the lens, the magnifier is between 1.75x and 2.25x.

Advantages of magnifying lamps

The advantages and possibilities of magnifying lamps lie in their design. Built-in lenses with 3 dipotrical magnification capabilities make it easy to perform precise met activities such as manicure, pedicure, artificial nail construction and many other activities. Gel lacquer built into small stones, rhinestones stickers and other decorations. The magnifier is surrounded by a circular tube that will provide sufficient local illumination for precise operations. Thus, magnification and lighting can be provided using a single luminaire on the workbench.

Flexible, space-saving, recessed

In addition to the traditional type, but AvenTools’ table lamps, we also offer fixed-mounted magnifying lamps with vices. They barely take up space on the desk they are just fixed to the edge of the tabletop, so their use is even space-saving. The head of the magnifying lamps with flexible, and highly adjustable light can be directed to the targeted part. Using the right tools will make your work, your daily activities more comfortable and easier.