Top 4 Tips to Use Memes in Content Marketing


The internet is the only place where digital marketing takes place. However, it’s also a place where foolish content takes place. 

You might think that incorporating and uploading memes of your content marketing is easy. But keep in mind that the strategy could backfire on you. Even though people love to engage with memes, they can easily recognize the differences between right and wrong memes. 

Depending on your target audiences, if you upload older or backdated memes, they will assume that your brand is out of touch. Additionally, if you use offensive content, your brand reputation will be damaged in an instant. 

Memes that are incorporated into your content marketing strategy will also help you improve your social media marketing strategies. However, keep in mind that using memes in your content marketing strategy is a little more complicated. Here are the top 4 tips to develop content using funny memes. 

Don’t Take the Shot Every time

Using every trending meme for your brand-related posts isn’t necessary. Even if you create a humorous tone in your social media and content marketing strategy, make sure you pass some situations. When you upload a post using a specific trending meme context from the Meme Scoutyou can easily get traction. Not to mention, your audiences won’t be forced to consume your content. 

Make sure you consider both the meme and brand to know their relevancies. This way you can remove the bad combination. You might feel like your brand is missing opportunities, but it will prevent your posts from being cringe. 

Don’t Force the Memes to Follow Rules

Using memes as a regular part of your content marketing strategy, including a ton of information, and using brand messages with the memes all the time will lead to big and uncreative posts that won’t work for your brand. 

Uploading memes in your content marketing a few times a month will keep things right. However, keep in mind that they are not the primary attraction of your content marketing. Therefore, don’t force the memes to follow every content marketing rule. 

Tell a Joke

Telling a joke without irritating your audiences is one of the best advantages of memes for your content marketing. Memes are funny and absurd. They tell jokes on specific trending situations in the world. Trying to create serious points with them will damage the fun. 

Using memes to take part in serious discussions will ultimately damage your content marketing strategy. No one loves memes that are serious or convey a professional brand message. If your brand is serious, you should use other types of marketing techniques. As per Lyfe marketing, marketing strategy is important for business. But if you’re using memes, they need to be humorous. 

Be Nice

Even though digital culture and kindness don’t complement each other, but they need to while you’re uploading content for your brand. Using your meme-powered marketing messages to poke fun at other brands might seem funny, but it would become a massive problem for your company if someone gets offended. People will see the brand logo of the company that uploaded offensive content and they will take screenshots to prove it. 

If you think is memes can hurt any specific group of people, you should avoid using them. 


These are the top 4 tips to use memes for your content marketing. No matter what you do, make sure the memes you’re using for your content marketing are relevant and appropriate.