What Are the Most Worthless Movies You Should Avoid?


We all know that feeling. You finish a movie, and you can’t believe you just wasted two hours of your life that you’ll never get back.

Imagine that you have heard about a movie for some time and are eager to see it. However, after a few minutes, you can feel the energy draining from your body. It is not because you are tired, but the movie does not capture your attention. Finally, you are trying to endure the film until the end in order to determine whether or not it will pick up its pace. Unfortunately, the film lacks any engaging element from the beginning until the end.

In such a case, one may say that the movie was a waste of time. Unfortunately, some films are like this. As time passes, you will find that you wonder why you did not accomplish more with your time instead of suffering through such hardship.

In order to alleviate some of your stress, we have compiled a list of the most worthless movies you should avoid. It is a collection of reviews and expressions of people who have watched these films. If you want to make your time more enjoyable, we recommend watching the best movies on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+, Voot, etc.

Without any definite order, here are some of the movies:

●    Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

This film is regarded as enjoyable due to the infusion of dark comedy. However, the film has received poor reviews online. People dislike it because it presents a non-realistic perspective of what it takes to be a part of the pornographic industry.

In spite of this, we feel that the cast and crew of this film could have done more to make it seem realistic and credible.

●    Septic Man

According to critics, the writers and producers of this film put too much detail into the plot. As a result, it appeared scattered because there was no synergy between the various plots.

The story revolves around a septic worker who gets trapped in a sewage tank. Thus, the film’s title is not surprising. Although, since this is supposed to be a horror film, people expected more from the film.

Unfortunately, the film is bland, lacking the thrill you expect when watching a horror film. However, you can watch the septic man if you are looking for a way to waste your time in an undesirable manner.

●    Disaster Movie

According to rumors, this film is exactly what its title implies. After watching the movie, you would be asking yourself, “What was the intent of this film?” People say they are trying to understand what the film is about but ultimately become confused.

A comedy parody movie, it attempts to parody some celebrities. However, its unrealistic elements make it difficult to enjoy. When people watch this film, they are usually filled with regrets and do not recommend it to anyone.

●    Nine Lives

It is evident from the title that this is a film about cats. After all, cats are said to have nine lives. Many people dislike this movie because it is too predictable. As soon as the film begins, you can predict what will happen next. Many people believe that the movie insults their intelligence and that children should have been the primary target audience. It is typically a comedy-fantasy film. It is unfortunate that people find it boring while watching it. Therefore, they will not recommend it to others.

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●    Eragon

People who have read the book Eragon had high expectations for the film. However, everything went down the drain because the movie plot differs greatly from the book.

In general, people love originality. Therefore, they were dissatisfied with the movie, which resulted in its low reviews since they did not enjoy watching it.

●     Among Ravens

The problem with this film is that it lacks that captivating factor. It is a high-quality film with amazing scenes and quality. Although you might get distracted watching it. From its beginning to its end, we see that it lacks the ability to hold the viewer’s attention.

●    United Passions

The plot of this movie makes it seem like it is supposed to be a sports film. However, it doesn’t play out like that. Also, the movie follows a worn path that makes people zone out. So, even if you finish the movie, you might not remember what you saw.

●    The Tortured

Since this is a horror movie, many people expect to enjoy it. However, some people complain that some of the scenes were exaggerated.

Others think that the movie doesn’t carry enough range, as not everyone would enjoy watching it. Therefore, the tortured movie can only be enjoyed by those who enjoy real-life torture.

Final thoughts

With our list, you know exactly which movies to avoid if you do not want to regret anything. Watching some of these movies is like experiencing torturous torture, which we don’t want you to experience.

Let us know in the comments, and share your experience about the worthless movie you have ever watched.