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What If Someday Telstra Bigpond Webmail Not Working?

bigpond emails not working

Australian giant telecommunication company Telstra not only builds and runs a network but also provides the superior emailing service Bigpond webmail.  Telstra is the biggest internet service provider in Australia that sells phones, TVs, and many more products and services.

Telstra Bigpond emailing service provides IMAP access so that users can access it from mobile or PC too. But anything can happen in the world of the internet, and Telstra Bigpond email users have encountered the  “Bigpond emails not working” issue on their respective devices due to a variety of reasons. It can be frustrating to the millions of users who rely on the Bigpond emailing services and are unable to receive or send emails through them.

In recent times, many users have reported Bigpond email not working issue.

 If you are among those who want to get rid of the issue as soon as possible, then don’t worry. We will take you through the solutions to resolve the issue.

Reasons Behind Bigpond Email Not Working Issue

There may be a number of causes for Bigpond email issues and the users are asking on the forums why my Bigpond Email is not working. Let’s check out the most common causes of the issue.

These may be the common cause of Telstra Bigpond webmail login issues. Whatever may be the cause you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, let’s proceed to resolve the issue.

How to Resolve the Bigpond Email Not Working Issue

If you want to get rid of the issue, then have a look at the methods to resolve the issue.

  1. Check Bigpond Email Server Status

First of all, you need to check the Server status of the Bigpond email using the internet. You can do this by using any third-party server-checking websites available on the web that will help you in checking out whether the Bigpond server is down or not. If you will find the Bigpond server is down, then, you can’t access Bigpond email by any means. You have to wait until everything is ok with the server.

  1. Delete The Caches of Bigpond Email

Sometimes old accumulated caches may hinder accessing Bigpond webmail and you may encounter a Bigpond email not working, issue. You need to delete the caches from the Bigpond webmail to get rid of the issue. For this you need to navigate to “Settings”> “Apps” > “Christmas Plus”> Clear Caches. 

  1. Connect to the Strong Internet Connection

The most common cause of Bigpond email not working issue is due to a slow or interrupted internet connection. Make sure you are connected with a powerful and steady internet connection, then try to log in on Bigpond email. You may be able to access it and the issue resolved.

  1. Update the Bigpond Email to the Latest Version

The older version of Bigpond webmail may be the culprit behind the Bigpond email login problem. You need to uninstall it and reinstall the latest version of Bigpond email or you can simply update it by visiting the official website of it and clicking on “Update”. After updating the software try logging into your Bigpond email and you are done. 

  1. Disable Security Programs

Some additional security programs, installed on your device may hinder accessing Bigpond email and you may face a Bigpond email not working issue. To overcome the glitches, you need to disable or uninstall the additional security programs/add-ons/ extensions, etc. You may get the issue resolved and you are able to log in on the Bigpond email.

  1. Use a Compatible Web Browser

Sometimes the Bigpond email issues are due to the browser, you are using is incompatible with the Bigpond webmail. In such instances, you need to update your browser or try logging into your Bigpond email on another browser that is best compatible with it. Your problem may get resolved by doing such a simple thing.

  1. Reset the Hacked Bigpond Email Password

Make sure you have entered the correct login credentials while logging in your to Bigpond email, but are unable to log in. It may be due to someone having hacked your account or you may have forgotten your Bigpond email password. No matter what is the reason you may simply reset the Bigpond email password and then try logging in once again with the new password. Maybe your Bigpond email starts working.

So, guys, we have provided you with some common and effective methods to fix the Bigpond emails not working issue. Try all the methods to fix the issue. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, it’s time to contact the help support team of the Bigpond webmail.

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