What is SEO guest posting? (Complete guide)


If you aren’t satisfied by the traffic driven on your website and want to increase the traffic on your website, guest posting is one stop solution.  It is one of the best solutions available in the market to increase traffic.

So what exactly is Guest posting?

Basically, Guest posting is to post a written article to some other blog. If you write on your own blog, it will be just called a post. But If one posts on someone else’s blog, it’s called a “guest post “. It is a tool for marketing strategy, and are used for numerous reasons like getting connected with other bloggers and building relationships with them and with different brands too.  But most commonly people use them, to embed backlinks.

Can anyone write a guest post?

Yes. Almost anyone can write a guest post, but they should have good writing skills, must keep SEO in mind, should be to the point and completely relevant. If one does all these, he sure can write a good SEO guest posting. Although, it’s not guaranteed that his post will have the most traffic. Because that is something that the writer can’t control, but all he can do is try.

Important Points to keep in mind about Guest Post

  • The outbound links that you post must be relevant and helpful to the article you are posting it on.
  • You must try to increase the number of shares on social media, because it will result in increasing of Readership.
  • The Guest posts you write must be perfect and written keeping its SEO in mind. 
  • The Guest post must be relevant and to the point, so that people can extract maximum information from it.
  • Try to post only on those sites which have fewer guests content, because they are of no use.

 Now that you have learned basics about the guest post, it’s time to discuss the structure of guest post.

How to write a good headline for a guest post?

The headline of a guest post is always written keeping phrase search in mind. For e.g; if you are in car marketing business and your focus phrase that you are working with is BMW a.k.a the car marketing king. When you will go on for posting it in someone else’s blog, you will find more phrases like;

  • Toyota and its marketing fails
  • Does electrical cars need marketing?
  • Jeep and its marketing strategy

You should always try to start your headline with catchy phrases like;

  • Tips on…..
  • Benefits of…
  • What if….
  • What does…..
  • How to…..
  • How to use…..
  • How to fix……

These are all the examples on how you should start your headline.

Is guest blogging really going down?

In the past few years,