What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself Anymore


When the world shatters your feelings, when you constantly embrace the darkness, or when you get feelings of disconnection—no matter how brave you are—you don’t feel like yourself anymore.

Often these moments fleet on and last for several days; even a situation comes when we lose ourselves entirely and forget ourselves.

Did you ever feel yourself off, isolated, or disconnected? Do not get entangled in such feelings for an extended period.

This article pinpointed the activities you can perform to reclaim your sense of self. So instead of burying that haunting feeling, it is better to follow these activities and get back to your true identity.

Let’s go ahead!

1: Do The Things That Cheer You Up

The primary reason that makes you not feel like yourself is lacking time for yourself. You serve your energy on different daily tasks and save nothing for yourself – it is something very horrible. You can only feel yourself when you create a balance in your daily routine and personal life—take out time for yourself and chase your passion. This can sometimes be hard to fit into a worklife balance, so make try to make sure you’re working for a business that has good company values.

2: Breath Deeply And Slowly

It is a fact that we get overwhelmed with the work, manage different things, and take up a lot of responsibilities. But overworking can drain your energy, and you get nothing room for yourself. If you do not feel yourself any longer, you need to take a long breath, think positive, and remember this is not permanent.

3: Do Not Forget To Meditate

Adding meditation can provide you with many benefits and help you meet yourself again. This breathing exercise can support you to stay grounded when you are worried, feel your moments, and let go of your negative thoughts.

The grounding technique can help you focus on your present and manage your negative thoughts and feelings. 

4: Join Iboga Retreat Program

If you are ever stuck in your thoughts or find yourself lost or trapped, Iboga Retreat is an effective way to deal with this situation.

Iboga Retreat Programs help in psycho-spiritual healing and also help you to address various physical and emotional tribulations. Iboga Retreat Programs provide healing opportunities and create peace and harmony within the community.

If you want to move on the journey of wellness, enhance your work commitments, or identify what you want for yourself — Iboga Retreat can absolutely serve you as your greatest ally.

5: Give No Space To Toxic People

Once you have held on, getting back from toxic people is very hard. Very often, toxic friendships are the reasons that cause you to lose the whole you are. Learn to let go of such relationships!

Toxic people can burn your energy to a large extent, and you feel losing sight of yourself, so all you need is to move on and cut them off!

6: Turn To Art

Turning to art is an excellent way to express or control your feelings. You can convert your feelings on canvas by drawing or painting whenever you feel confused in life.

You can also write, sing, listen to music, or do photography to make yourself comfortable and elevate your mood. Art always acts as a powerful tool to find yourself.

7: Follow Your Voice

No matter what people say, always listen to your inner voice. You will lose yourself somewhere behind if you always focus on other opinions and approvals. Make yourself independent and be confident in your thoughts and decisions – it will make you more powerful and content than you ever realized.

8: Participate In Reconnecting Activities

You can involve yourself in activities and actions that bring you joy and support you in steering back to your sense of self and being yourself.

If you enjoy cooking, carve out time to prepare a meal. If you are gym enthusiastic, consider hitting the gym regularly; take out time for a daily walk. You can dedicate reading time to your routine if you like book reading. These activities will help you center yourself and develop a sense of calm.

Our Wrap Up

If you do not feel yourself, take it easy and realize that this feeling will not last very long. You can find yourself again and regain your power by believing in yourself—you are enough, capable, and lovable.

Do not empty yourself for others, particularly when your sacrifices and dedications completely lose you.