WordPress Hosting – The Basics


One of the greatest challenges that newbies face when they want to start building their personal Internet home-based blog is how to get started with WordPress Hosting. WordPress is a very popular Content Management System that is a free download from the WordPress website. So it is no real surprise that many people want to start using WordPress to host their Web Pages. WordPress Hosting is not as difficult as one might imagine and all that one needs for their WordPress Hosting is a bit of technical expertise needed for great WP sites.

The reason why so many individuals have built their personal WordPress Websites and blogs is that WordPress Hosting really is so simple and easy to learn. Even if someone doesn’t know exactly how to build or design a WordPress site or blog, they can still build one because WordPress Hosting is built on very robust framework that was created by the WordPress community itself. WordPress is based upon PHP and is a very popular Content Management System. The reason why it is so popular is because not only is WordPress very easy to learn but it has so many powerful features that make it very powerful and flexible.

So if someone has built a one million WP site then they obviously have built quite a few websites. WordPress offers the ability to easily build powerful, professional looking Web Pages. And one of the most important features of WordPress is the plug-in directory structure that allows one to easily install various plug-ins and add-ons for their WordPress sites and blogs. If you want to build great WP sites then you will need to become familiar with the WordPress plug-in directory structure.

WordPress uses the familiar META tags to describe the contents of the plug-ins. So if you are reading this article you are going to have an idea of what a plug-in is and what the META description is. You can get this information from the Dashboard or from the Help menu by clicking on the “Get help” icon.

There are different levels of plug-ins so depending on your knowledge of WordPress and you experience with building websites will depend on how difficult it can be to understand and install certain plug-ins. There are some plug-ins that are very complex, especially the ones that require a code repository. So this requires some expert knowledge and expertise.

So let’s talk about some of the most common plug-ins that people use. One of the most common is the “All in one SEO Pack”. This will automatically optimize all of your web pages for major search engines. So this would make your site appear at the top of Google when someone searches for something related to your niche. Now I think we all know how hard it is to get into this kind of expert knowledge but with this pack it’s easy.

Another popular plug-in is the “Widgets” theme. Now Widgets is also very easy to use and you can install it for free using the WordPress administration area. With Widgets, you can change your whole website with just a few clicks and it will look great. This plug-in allows you to change the entire appearance of your site in one thousand different variations.

Another very popular WordPress plug-in is the Contact Form. Now if you have a business that accepts email then setting up an email autoresponder is something that is absolutely mandatory for any good website. So if you want to increase your site traffic then having an autoresponder is one of the most important features that you can add to your site. So there are several hundred plug-ins out there and if you really want to build a great site that receives tons of traffic then hosting with WordPress Hosting 1and1 is definitely the best way to go.