A Guide To Choose Perfect Bedsheet And Curtain For Home


There is no perfect time to bring good bed linen and home curtains for your household. It might seem a minor change to make but a good, vibrant and clean bed linen reinvigorates the facade of a bedroom. You can set a color tone and mood for your house through your bedsheet. Nowadays, people are most likely to purchase bed sheets that complement their curtains. Curtains welcome your guests with their warmth and freshness even before you do and that’s the reason why people put so much thought into buying one for their home.

 How to choose the perfect bedsheet? 

A comfortable and quality bed sheet allows you to have a sound sleep as it keeps your body temperature stable by regulating the temperature of your sleep area. Even quality bed sheets come with extra benefits like wrinkle-free, easy to wash, and environment-friendly material that makes it easier to use and causes little side effects to nature.

  1. Evaluate Size And Fabric

The first thing you must check in a bedsheet is the size of it. You can choose from bedsheet double and single sizes according to your bed. There is no point in buying a size that doesn’t even fit your bed. Those who like cotton bed sheets should always get a little bigger size bedsheet as cotton cloth shrinks on washing. In India mostly people purchase cotton bedsheets as it’s very comfortable and stays cool during summer. You can try some other fabrics also like Egyptian cotton, Tencel, Silk, Polyester, Bamboo, and Blend. 

  1. Pattern And Color

You can choose a pattern for bedsheets with whom you relate the most. People design their rooms according to their choices and personality. Another easy way to decide between solid color and pattern bed sheets is through walls. If your room has plain colored walls and has very decent furniture then you can choose some symmetrical or floral printed bedsheets. 

How to choose a Home Curtain? 

  1. Focus on Lights

This is a great way to decide on a Home curtain for your den. You can select light fabric for your room in which you want some breezy tones and lights to enter. People use heavy fabrics for their curtains in places where they want some privacy. Even these variations of fabrics can be used according to the weather whichever suits. 

  1. Match the Walls 

You can match the color of your home curtain with walls to create a single tone of the entire room. For your solid color walls choose some heavily patterned curtains that match with the color of your walls. You can look for some good patterned and vibrant color curtains of brands like Chumbak, Deco Window, and HOUZZCODE.

Someone wise said change is the only constant thing in this world and the home decor industry took this seriously. Now and then new styles are introduced in the market to enhance the look of every house. You can never get bored with experimenting with new colors and patterns altogether to add a vogue statement to your house. Try some chic style bedsheet double and single size to bring a new look to your bedroom. For this, you can always head to Snapdeal for the best items!