Buying a Home Safe: 4 Important Things to Consider


We have a plethora of valuable things in our homes and without proper protection they are always in a vulnerable situation. While the bigger items of possession such as cars need a separate space for safekeeping, the valuable items that are small in size such as jewelry, cash, etc. need to be stored carefully.

Choosing and buying home safes in Kenya and other locations is the best way to protect your valuables. Safes can be easily kept inside your wardrobe which keeps them protected from the prying eyes.

But that’s not all, safes also have proper locking features that keeps all the valuables inside it protected from any sort of intrusion or unwanted access. However, when it comes to choosing a safe for your home, there are few key things that need to be considered.

After all, you want the best home safe that provides ultimate protection. So, before making any hasty purchase, here are a few things that you need to consider.

1.    The Dimensions of the Safe

Before you purchase a safe for your home, you need to decide for all things that you want to keep inside the safe. The items that will be stored inside the safe for protection will help you decide on the ideal size of the safe.

Will you be putting in cash and jewelry? Or do you have important documents to store as well? Is the home safe strictly for storing weapons or electronic instruments? You need to choose the right dimensions for the safe in order to protect your valuable possessions.

The wrong size may not provide the safety features that you want out of a home safe.

2.   Location of the Safe

You also need to figure out beforehand where you want to keep the safe. Usually, the master bedroom is preferred for placing the safe in a home.

Since at the end of the day you can keep your valuables like your jewelry right where you are sleeping and not away from you. The closer you are to your safe, the more likely you will be using it to keep your valuables.

However, if you want to add an extra layer for security, then you choose a hidden place in your home to keep safe. For instance, a space made behind the wall or under the flooring surface, in such case, you need to ensure that the safe fits ideally to the space.

3.   Tracking the safe cash rating

Most people possess home and contents insurance that would cover for any losses. Check out the policy of your insurance coverage. Cash is one of the top items that people keep in their home safe and that is why there are cash ratings present.

The cash rating is referred to the value of money that the particular person’s insurance company shall allow them to hold in the home safe. The amount varies as per the policy of your insurance; however, experts suggest to keep minimum cash in your safe.

However, if you decide to keep jewelry in your home safe then the cash rating multiplies by almost 10. You also need to ensure that the safe is properly installed and fitted in the said location as per the insurance policy.

4.   Old-fashioned lock & key or advanced digital safe

The locking mechanism of the safes in Kenya or in other locations is needed to be considered before buying a safe. Buyers ideally get the choice of either the traditional lock and key mechanism or the modern digital lock system.

If you are someone who often misplaces things then a lock and key may not be ideal for you as you might lose the key somewhere. Whereas a digital lock system is a much better option as you have to enter the secret code in order to unlock.

You can even pair the safe lock system with your home alarm system for better protection. Any wrong code entry will trigger the alarm and notify you about the intrusion.