Choosing The Best Aged Care Facility For Your Loved Ones


Choosing the right place for taking care of a loved one is a pretty important decision to make. Moreover, it can also be challenging to find one among the myriad of locations in Canberra. To find the best facility for aged care in Canberra, Australians need to look into certain factors first before they start. And just like reviewing and comparing properties or other institutions, aged care facilities require some hunting to find one that is right for the family member.

With the onset of the global pandemic, Canberra faced many challenges with aged care even though the government offered services for over a million Australians who require special care. With so many facilities embedded throughout Canberra, individuals may find it overwhelming to choose the best one. But there’s no need to worry! Take a look below at some of the things to consider to have a good understanding of what to look for in a facility for aged care in Canberra.

1. Taking A Good Look Around The Facility: It’s important to fix an appointment and take a tour around the facility. If possible, bring the person too and see how well they can settle in if they choose to move in. Check the location and see how far it is from Canberra. Are the rooms customisable according to the preferences of the patient? Or are the rooms shared? Are there private rooms available in the facility? After the rooms are checked out, go for all the other areas and facilities available. Chances are there’ll be lots of options present to keep the patients occupied and break the monotony of daily life. It’ll be worthwhile to note that a good outdoor area can be beneficial too.

2. Options For Special Care: Does the patient require special care? If so, how should the room be personalised or equipped? Does the staff offer such customisations, and will they meet any specific requirements set forward by the individual? It’s better to sit down and have a talk with the doctors and the staff about this.

3. Talking To The Staff: The next important factor for an aged care facility. Carers, onsite staff, doctors, therapists and other wellness experts all come under this category. Take the time and get to know them, ask about their qualifications and how experienced they are in the field. It’s a good idea to find someone who has worked with similar patients or elders with similar medical histories. How does the daily life of carers revolve around their patients? Are they experienced enough to cater to patients with special needs? Talk to the doctors and therapists and tell them what the patient needs and how they should be cared for. The more they know, the better they’ll be able to treat the patients better.

4. Talking To The Other Residents: There might be several or more residents already in the facility getting the help they need. Talk to them and learn about the atmosphere of the facility. Find out if they share the same interests and learn how they feel by making use of all the services available to them.

5. Accreditations: Many facilities for aged care in and around Canberra are accredited by the government for the services they provide. Having the right accreditation can go a long way in choosing the best one for the aged patient. It helps recognise the standard quality offered by the facility and the reputable work done by the professionals taking care of the patients.

6. Reviews: Ask families and friends about how they feel regarding certain facilities in Canberra and take their advice. There’s a good chance that some might know about them through word of mouth or otherwise. Look up online sites and see how different facilities compare in terms of reviews, ratings and feedback.

Facilities must also offer plenty of other activities that include festivities, trips and arrangements for visitations. Diverse culture can also be a huge plus as it makes everyone feel involved but feel free to look into something specific. Lastly, see how well the facility is secured with staff and other personnel so that residents can move about without any fear of safety.