Creating a Home-Like Atmosphere in Assisted Living


Assisted living facilities can be daunting and overwhelming, especially for those who have not lived in such a setting before. As a resident, staff member, or a relative of somebody who is moving to assisted living, creating a home-like atmosphere can go a long way in fostering feelings of comfort and being welcomed. Here are some tips for residents, family members, and staff to create a cozy and inviting environment.

Bring Familiar Items from Home

When residents move into assisted living in Prospect Heights IL, one of the easiest ways to make their new living space feel more like home is to bring some items from their old home. This might include family photos, blankets, pillows, and other cherished items. These items will help make the new space feel cozier and more home-like right from the start.

Personalize the Space with New Items

Along with bringing familiar items from home, personalizing the resident’s space can also help to create a more home-like atmosphere. Consider going out and purchasing new items to decorate their space, focusing on their tastes and preferences. It’s a great time to think about buying new artwork or ornaments that they’ve always wanted, to mark a new chapter in their journey.

Get Involved in Activities

Assisted living facilities offer a variety of activities for residents to take part in. It’s important to encourage residents to take advantage of these activities as they can help with meeting new people and making new friends. Activities like game nights, movie nights, and crafting sessions are excellent opportunities for residents to get involved and feel a sense of community.

Make the Space Functional

Creating a functional living space is key to fostering a home-like atmosphere in assisted living. When moving in, consider arranging furniture in a way that makes the most of the space and allows for ease of movement. Use storage systems to avoid clutter and unnecessary items that could make the space feel crowded or overwhelming. If you’re helping a loved one or friend move in, ensure that they have everything that they need to live comfortably, including practical items, adequate lighting, and comfort items.

Embrace Technology

Technology can be very valuable for creating a sense of connection and familiarity for somebody in assisted living. If you are helping a relative or friend move in, encourage them to bring or get a device such as a smartphone or tablet that they can use to stay connected to their loved ones through video calls and social media. Having familiar faces and voices available at their fingertips can make the transition easier and help them feel more at home in their new space.

Connect with Staff Members

Building a relationship with staff members can also help make an assisted living facility feel more home-like. Take the time to speak with staff members and get to know them. A friendly relationship with the staff on-site can help residents feel more comfortable and at home in their new place.

Creating a home-like atmosphere in an assisted living can help a new resident feel more comfortable and welcome in their new living environment, helping to ease the transition to this new part of their life.