Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles and Containers


In the United States, 50 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day. They are applicable to almost every aspect of our daily lives. There are many examples, from water bottles to washing powder, to how we squeeze honey. If you perform a simple scan of the room you are in, you may find one in 50 million. Our dependence on them makes the recycling and reuse of plastic bottles vital to the health of the planet. So, what can we do? Recycle, or reuse of course.

Completing beautiful DIY projects is a great way to reduce the environmental impact and even save money.

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Use Recycled Plastic Bottles

Office buildings are the main reason for the increase in landfills. So after drinking the mountain dew, do not throw the bottle away after drinking. Make plastic bottles and cups for storing pens and supplies in the office or for crafts at home. Use your sustainable efforts to impress your colleagues and children.

Plastic bottle recycling concept:

Use some old plastic bottles, zippers and some hot glue to keep your child’s playroom organized. Cut off the top of 20 ounces of the soda bottle and the bottom. Glue the zippers on both ends and connect them to create your own temporary crayon box.

Reusing coffee creamer containers

Reuse the old bottles in the snack container to save storage space for snacks. They make it very easy to pour wine, allowing you to carry all kinds of food anytime, anywhere. Recycled coffee creamer can also be used to store sugar, salt and similar products. Use plastic bottles to make a plastic cat jar. Yes, this is true.

Ignite your DIY spirit

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions on how to make a DIY plastic bottle can:

cut the bottom third of the 2-liter bottle,

paint the bottle white or a color of your choice, use the rest of the bottle. Cut the ears. Draw a face and other features on the bottle. Fill the bottle with seeds and soil.

Recycle the detergent bottle in the shower

Don’t pay for plastic showers. Make sure your detergent container is empty, drill or poke a few holes in the lid, and you will get a new watering can. Feel free to remove the label so your neighbors don’t think it’s weird to pour washing powder on the floor.

Start an herb garden

This project gives you extra green spots. These can definitely be exchanged. Well, maybe to feed your ecological soul. In any case, the recycling of 2-liter bottles through secondary watering is one of the most innovative plastic bottle projects. Follow the steps below to create a herb garden from recycled bottles: Remove the label from the bottle and clean the inside. Take a sharp object and poke a drain hole in the upper third of the bottle. Make a hole in the side of the bottle. Wrap a piece of paper around the bottle. Take a marker and draw a cutting line around the bottle. Just cut along the bottle. Slide the cap off the bottle and insert a cloth strip.

Learn how to make a DIY plastic bottle piggy bank

Recycling a bottle of lotion on the charging base. The phone no longer needs to be charged will be a good day. Or at least you can take us through a three-hour Instagram scrolling session. Until that day, we loaded. Create a recyclable mobile phone charging stand for you and your guests to enjoy easily. All you need is a bottle of lotion, a marker and a utility knife. Making a beach bucket with a washing powder container.

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