Exploring Liposuction in Turkey: Costs, Safety, and Expertise at Celyxmed


Turkey has emerged as a premier destination for cosmetic surgery, offering advanced medical treatments at competitive prices. Istanbul, blending ancient culture with modern medical innovations, is at the forefront of cosmetic surgery, with Celyxmed leading the charge under the expert guidance of Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu.

Cost of Liposuction at Celyxmed

When considering liposuction, one of the first questions many patients have is about the cost. At Celyxmed, how much is liposuction in Turkey starts at an affordable rate of £2,390, providing a cost-effective option for those seeking quality care. This all-inclusive pricing ensures that patients can plan their treatment without worrying about hidden charges.

Safety Standards in Turkish Cosmetic Surgery

Safety is a crucial concern for anyone considering surgery abroad. Patients often wonder, “Is liposuction in Turkey safe?” Celyxmed upholds the highest standards of patient safety and care, utilizing cutting-edge technology and following stringent safety protocols to ensure successful outcomes.

Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu’s Expertise

Prof. Dr. Kemal Aytuğlu, with decades of experience in cosmetic surgery, specializes in liposuction. His expertise and meticulous attention to detail have made him a sought-after surgeon for those looking to enhance their body contours safely and effectively.


Choosing how much for liposuction in Turkey at Celyxmed means entrusting your cosmetic goals to a top-notch clinic, where affordability meets high-quality medical standards. Under the care of Prof. Dr. Aytuğlu, patients are assured of a safe, transformative experience that aligns with their aesthetic goals.