HostPapa Review-Is It the Right Choice for you?


Are you thinking to have your website for your business or to start blogging? It has become a basic requirement in the last few decades.

To get your website, you need web hosting. And for web hosting, you require a web hosting provider. HostPapa is one of the cheapest web hosting providers. Though it starts at a very low price, the renewal plan seems to be quite expensive. Use HostPapa hosting coupons to save up to 74% Off on business web hosting.

What is HostPapa?

So, what is HostPapa? It is a web hosting provider which is self-sufficient. When it comes to web hosting, it is none less chaotic than choosing the perfect dress while shopping. Choosing this would be one of the best decisions you will make. If you are just beginning your business, then choosing HostPapa is what you need. It is mainly for web hosting for small businesses.

It is one of the best platforms. However, it is not on the top-notch yet. Interestingly, it doesn’t offer dedicated server hosting or managed server hosting service, where clients have control over their own hardware. As an alternative, the business provides the more well-liked shared and virtual private server (VPS) hosting in addition to a reseller service.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hostpapa?

Everything in this universe has both optimistic and pessimistic impacts. The same is applied here too. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Advantages of Hostpapa:

  • It provides support to the web hosting of unlimited websites for your business at the cheapest and most affordable price.
  • No secret cost. The domain name is free indeed.
  • You can count on Hostpapa. It is reliable.

Disadvantages of HostPapa:

  • The moment of checking out, it asks for a little raised price.
  • It doesn’t provide any backup for free.

Characteristics of HostPapa

Before buying any product, we discover every feature of it. Then why not when it comes to web hosting? Let’s look at the features of HostPapa below:

  • It provides website transfer for free
  • Confidential discussion or training
  • SSL certificate for free if you get it from Let’s Encrypt
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • A refund is guaranteed to you within 30 days of web hosting
  • 99.9% uptime is guaranteed. What else do you need more?
  • Good management

Is it easy to use HostPapa?

We prefer easy-to-do things predominantly to difficult ones. When it comes to technical stuff like web hosting too, we want it to be easier. Nothing to distress about. Hostpapa is easy and you will feel free while using it.

Customer Support Service

HostPapa is no less than its name. It works like Dad by being available to listen and help you up whatever time it may be. Are you facing any issue with server while hosting? Or are you stuck somewhere and unable to understand the next step? 24/7 customer support service is available. Reach out by either by call or an e-mail.

Is HostPapa the right choice for you?

It provides a decent package and money worth, mainly at lower pricing points. The disadvantage is that it takes a minimum of three years to get a reasonable price.

It also fails to have the most complete bundle. Since the Business Plan costs the same as the Standard but provides more, we would suggest it. However, you have more options and services with companies like HostGator and BlueHost. However, HostPapa might be worth a try if you want to support one of the few independent hosting providers out there.