How to Get a UK IP address with a VPN in 2022


We’d be lying if we said one of our top favorite movies or shows wasn’t British. Home to some of the most widely acclaimed shows and movies, the UK is an excellent place to live if you’re a fan of streaming movies and shows online.

A British IP address can open the door for you in the digital streaming world that other IP addresses cannot. Not having a British IP address can hurt if you’re an expat living away from your country and seem to have suddenly lost access to your favorite movies and shows on streaming platforms.

If you’re traveling, the change in IP addresses can also be the reason why you all of a sudden can’t access a movie you had been trying to finish back at home. If that already hasn’t convinced you that a British IP address is almost a must-have these days, this will; a British IP address will help you access UK banks like Lloyds or Barclays from abroad, letting you handle your funds quickly and safely.

So, convinced and looking for a guide that will help you acquire a British IP address quickly and effortlessly? You’re at the right place! In this blog post, we will be talking about how you can get a British IP address using a UK VPN. Let’s break the whole process down into steps.

How to get a UK IP address using a VPN

Pick a reputable VPN provider and sign up for an account

The first step is to pick the right VPN provider for your unique priorities. There are thousands of options to pick from, so take some time to do your research before you begin.

If you’re looking for a UK VPN mainly for content streaming and gaming, look up streaming VPNs and the different features. Streaming VPNs also give due attention to speed, and some even offer different speed-enhancing features like split tunneling so that the experience and the quality isn’t affected.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a UK VPN for more professional business-related reasons, like accessing your bank, transaction of funds, and processing client information, try looking into business-oriented VPNs that offer a high level of encryption.

 Knowing what you want will narrow down your list of options and make it easier for you to pick one to commit to. Once you’ve decided which one you’re going with, we can move forward to the next step.

Download the VPN app and install it on your device

This obviously seems logical, very straightforward next step; however, there are loads to take care of here.

The first one is to make sure you’ve downloaded the correct application. Reputed VPNs cover several different devices. Instead of just asking you to download the VPN on your router or share the connection from your PC or Mac, these providers offer multiple different applications to their users.

These device-specific applications take care of the device’s individual security requirements in a much better way. Find the application for your device, download it, and follow the installation wizard to get it set up on your device.

Some VPN providers offer up to 10 multi-log-ins, which means that you can download your VPN application on multiple different devices and use all of them simultaneously. If your VPN offers the same, this would be the time to go ahead, download, and install the applications on all devices you own for a well-rounded security solution.

Select the UK as your country from the country list

When your VPN is downloaded and set up, you can go ahead and open the application and pull down the country list. If you want to change your IP address to that of the UK, go ahead and pick the UK as your country of choice.

This step will take your internet traffic and start routing it through one of the company’s servers in the UK, effectively hiding your original IP address and replacing it temporarily with a UK IP address.

With the new IP address in place, you are now anonymous online, which means that no third party, including the government and advertising agencies, can track your online activities back to you.

The UK VPN will also encrypt your entire communication with the internet by enclosing it in code. This means that even if a trespasser or cybercriminal manages to get into your data, they will not be able to understand the information being exchanged over the internet.

This double-layered security will make sure that you’re safe online, whether you’re streaming and gaming or working on your business, or even accessing banks in the United Kingdom, taking care of your funds.