How To Make Rubber Band Bracelets-The Ultimate Guide


The Rubber Band Bracelets Craze

Remember the frenzy you had when you were in your elementary days? The rubber band bracelets are now creeping back into the trend. Youngsters are going crazy and might as well everyone in school is doing the rubber band bracelets. 

The rubber band bracelets are chains around your wrist or ankle that are way too colorful, like a rainbow. Some kids who have difficulty doing the band buy them at some stores. But little did you know that you can have your bracelet if you got the right tools and good instructions? You can even make some during your spare time. 

We list down the step-by-step tutorial on how to make a rubber band bracelet. Also, you can have extra instruction on how to make it sturdy and great. 

How to make your Rubber Band Bracelets

The most important thing you need to do is to purchase a complete set of rubber bands. Some rubber band bracelets set have looms to make it easier to make loops and start weaving. It isn’t easy to start off using your hands.

Step 1. Prepare your elastics into two groups of different colors. Here we will use green and yellow. Then arrange it into the looms. 

Make sure that the arrows are pointing up to begin. 

The pattern is for a single rubber band bracelet design. 

Step 2: Start by placing your first band, the green color elastic, on the pin of the left column and stretch it to the middle pin that is diagonally above it. 

Step 3:  Take your second band, which is the color yellow. Hook it in the last pin you use, which is the middle part. Stretch it diagonally to the second pin to the left.

Step 4: The third band, which is the color green, goes into the last pin you use. Stretch it to the right-hand pin above. Make sure that the direction is always diagonal and in the opposite direction. So, it can make a zigzag guide.

Step 5: Continue the pinning process up to the last column of the loom. 

Step 6: After you have finished laying out your elastics, the pattern on the loom should look like a mini zigzag. Also, secure the elastics that they will not detach. 

Step 7: Then, you need to spin the loom around. Make sure that the arrow now points down. Using your hook, begin with the first pin on the central column. 

Put the hook in the center of the pin, then grab the bands, the one that crosses, which is the green ones. Then pull up into a circular motion. Detach the elastic and stretch it diagonally to the one above to the right. 

Step 8: Duplicate the steps from the last pin that you are working on and remember the diagonal style. Now it is the yellow band. Detach it from its pin and put it diagonally above. Continue detaching and pinning it until you reach the end of the loom.

Step 9: To take the bracelet off the loom, use your hook to catch the last band and move it side to side to detach the elastics. Pull the elastic bands and secure your bracelet. 

Please take note that you still need to attach the end of your bracelet to the hook so that it will not fall apart. 

Step 10: Stick your fingers into the loop and pull the hook off. Take your c-clip and slide it on the last band, securing it. Then hook it on the other end, and your bracelet is good to go. 

Final Takeaway

You can repeat all the processes from steps one to ten if you wish to make more rubber band bracelets. There are also some good tutorials that you can seek if you want some cute and more complicated designs. 

This DIY craft is an excellent way to make it during your spare time. You can even make it as an ideal gift too. Happy making!