Why Wedding Guest Dress Is an Important Thing


So, someone close to you is having her wedding day. It is pretty challenging to choose a better outfit that will suit the theme while not overpowering the bride. Wearing clothes that is appropriate for the occasion is something that we should do.

Picking the right wedding guest dress should not be a headache after all. All you need to do is to adhere to the theme and follow wedding guest etiquette. We talk about the dos and don’ts during the wedding, including your dress code when we say etiquette.

This article will advise you on all the basic etiquette on the guests’ dresses during a wedding ceremony. 

Wedding Guest Dress Guidelines

Wedding attire etiquette is a little more complicated than wedding day decorum. Here are some of the things that you need to remember.

1. Never Upset the Bride

The first and repeatedly asked if it was okay to wear white or cream during the wedding. The answer would be a big nay. The bride is the center of the wedding ceremony, and in that case, she alone can wear a white-colored gown or dress. Even if the wedding invitation states that it is okay to wear cream or white, avoid wearing those hues at any cost. 

We do not want to outshine the star of the bride during her important day. Do not wear something like white garments of similar type. If not avoided, then at least your dress should have a different design and craft. In that way, they will determine that you are one of the guests. Be wise enough to know what suites the occasion best.

2. Follow the Dress Code

Many weddings now are strict on their wedding dress code. Some states in their invitations on what theme and color motif you can wear. It would be best if you consider that. If you got nothing in your closet on their color hue, you might want to consider dressing in a formal one. It might be a dress or formal wear. Avoid getting flashy.

You can best be yourself if you know how to blend into the event.

3. Do Not Wear All Black

Wearing black indicates sadness and gloom. You do not want to extend a sad message to the wedding couple. If not avoided, accent your black dress with other colors so it will not ruin the mood. To brighten up the look, go for a printed dress or pair it with colorful accessories.

4. Practice Modesty

At weddings, you can wear sexy dresses but take note that you need to keep it casual. Do not wear dresses that are too revealing. Showing more flesh during a wedding occasion is not an ideal thing to do. If you’re wearing a tight and short skirt, make sure it doesn’t go past your mid-thigh. Do not wear revealing necklines clothing and cut-outs. Make sure that any sheer cloth will not expose what’s beneath.

5. Try to Mix and Match

It is not compulsory anymore to wear dresses at weddings. Some couples are relaxed with their guests’ wearing trousers and tops. For guests, sophisticated slacks or even a jumpsuit are entirely appropriate wedding attire. You are also free not to wear high heels if you are not confident enough to wear them. Some even wear sneakers, and it is pretty okay. 

Sandals and lovely ballet flats can look good and especially appropriate for any wedding.

6. Wear Formal Clothes

A wedding is a solemn ceremony wherever the location is. Thus, you need to live up to the event and wear casual and formal clothes. Take note that dressing does not mean you can wear ball gowns or anything like quinceanera dresses,which is perfect for a ceremony or party but not as a wedding guest costume. 

Even on the beach set up, you need to put effort into the dressing. Avoid dressing as if you are going into a mall or strolling around the park. Mix in a few formal items to guarantee you still appear that you are celebrating a special occasion.

The wedding couple will appreciate you making an effort to dress for their important event. 


Attending weddings is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It is okay to blend into the mood of the moment. But, least make sure that you dress well. 

You might want to follow those basic dos and don’ts that we made to make your attendance at a wedding worth it.