Maceys Grocery Store


Maceys Grocery Store is located in the heart of the Cedar Point area. The main business area is located between Indian Beach and the beach. This location makes it convenient to travel to all of the attractions in the area including Indian Beach, Treasure Island, Miami Beach, Sandals Island, Windham Sunshine, Satellite Beach, and several other attractions. This location has the largest convenience store in the county. The store features over a hundred different varieties of food items. The location also features a gasoline station, a Payless Shocker gas station and a liquor store.

The building is two stories and has multiple parking lots. There are many large grocery aisles throughout the store. Each aisle has over twenty five different brands of groceries. Each of the aisles also contains a variety of refrigerated sections. In addition, the store has a deli for customers who want to purchase sandwiches or grilled items.

Maceys Grocery has been in business since 1971. The store is owned by John M. Maceys III. He operates the store with his wife, Diana.

Maceys grocery was one of the first stores in the United States to open a one hundred and fifty thousand gallon water facility on the Indian River. The store has also expanded into the hot dog market. The market now carries twenty four varieties of hot dogs. The store has also added hot foods to their non-food sections such as cut vegetables, dairy products and produce.

The prices at Maceys Grocery are reasonable. There are some basic food items that cost about a dollar. Other specialty items can cost two to three dollars. The largest brands at this store include iceberg lettuce, tomato paste, iceberg and radishes, imported fish, imported chicken, tuna, cabbage and kale, imported Swiss chard, French onions, garlic, jalapenos, imported potatoes, frozen fish sticks, imported turkey necks, and sweet peas. The prices are usually less expensive than those found in chain or super markets.

The customer service at this grocery store is above average. The associates are helpful and know how to handle most problems that customers come up with. There are over forty types of grocery coupons in this store. There are separate areas for fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, snacks, and prepared foods.

The bakery is located on the second floor of the store. There are three full service bakeshops. The bakery consists of pies, scones, breads and specialty breads such as the signature scones. There are a number of family favorites such as macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies. The bakery offers many fresh specialty breads for sandwiches. It is an ideal place to take a lunch break and enjoy a leisurely meal with your family or friends.

This is a one-stop grocery for everything you need to keep your pantry stocked and your refrigerator full. The atmosphere is quiet and clean, and there is rarely any line outside of the store. The Maceys grocery store is located in the Cedar Point shopping center in Sandusky, Ohio. The main entrance to the building is located on East Boulevard, between Clairton and Sandusky roads.

Customers can use the Pet Smart pay machine at the store. The machine is designed for pet identification and contains a magnetic scan strip that allows customers to locate a pet within a limited time frame. Once a pet is found, the owner scans the pet’s collar with the device to unlock a special compartment where the owner can select the appropriate pet food. This section of the store contains the pet food required for the pet’s healthy diet.

The store offers a large variety of household items, household supplies and baby products. They offer a large selection of coffee, tea and chocolate. Their bakery sells tasty treats such as banana pecan muffins, sugar-free candy and a large selection of flavored baked goods.

The Pet Smart program was created by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APMA). The organization helps consumers make informed decisions about pet food. Pet owners can register their pets with the APMA to receive coupons and free dog toys. The pet supplies manufacturer is dedicated to offering pet owners the highest quality food and care.

Located in West Chester Pennsylvania, Maceys grocery store has been offering quality products to families and individuals for over twenty years. The store has twenty one hundred and fifty five employees. The store is conveniently located near the intersection of Rt. 60 and Rt. 21. The store has expanded since it first opened. It now features four distinct sections: